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Here are Filipina celebrities with gorgeous bodies.

Here are Filipina celebrities with gorgeous bodies.

These last few years we have become obsessed with how quickly a woman can shed her pregnancy weight and "bounce back." This stressful and unrealistic concept does not account for that fact that it took nine months for a woman to put on that weight while growing a human being so she should be allowed some leeway in losing the weight if that is even what she wants to do. The "dad bod" is such a beloved concept, but why is having a "mom body" so frowned upon by society?

Many celebrity moms are trying to refocus the bounce back trend. Their lives and their bodies do change when they become mothers, and that is not a bad thing. In fact, many of these women are trying to convince us to embrace this physical change in our bodies because our bodies truly did a wonderful thing by creating life and giving us our babies!

But for other moms, the state of pregnancy and giving birth afterwards, don’t seem to affect the beauty of some celebrity moms. Actually, some even have a certain glow that makes them appear prettier and hotter than before.

We give you a list of Filipina celebrity moms who are even more radiant even after giving birth!

Beauty Gonzalez-Crisologo

Former Pinoy Big Brother housemate turned actress Beauty Gonzalez gave birth to a lovely and healthy baby girl. The 24-year-old actress did not specify the exact date of her delivery but a photo of her first baby was posted on her social media account.

Maricar de Mesa

Last July, actress Maricar de Mesa gave birth by cesarean section to a baby girl, whom she has named Sky. Just three days before, a baby shower was held for the 37-year-old actress, which was attended by her family members, close friends, and a few members of the media.

Marian Rivera

The Kapuso Primetime Queen has given birth to her first child, Baby Letizia, or Baby Zia (her nickname) last 2015. Marian Rivera gave birth at The Makati Medical Center. "Maria Letizia came out at 5.25am. Marian delivered her Baby Zia, who weighed 6.9 pounds, via normal delivery.

Kelly Misa

Going over the vacation photographs on the blog of new mom Kelly Misa-Fernandez, it would be difficult not to drool with envy. Recently, she gave birth to an adorable 7.6-pound boy, Tristan Antonio, and now, she’s basking under the sun in a two-piece swimwear! Kelly encourages all moms to get back in shape so that they get to feel like their old selves again. “This is so important: We girls shouldn’t lose ourselves when we have kids. It’s a matter of allotting time and energy though. Go do it!”

Rufa Mae Quinto

Last year, the funny comedian, 38, broke the news on Instagram with a picture of her daughter's tiny feet and a hospital tag wrapped around her small leg. She also wrote the name she and husband Trev Magallanes gave the baby, Alexandria Athena.

Maggie Wilson-Consunji

Maggie Wilson is "happiest in a swimsuit." So if you're following her on Instagram, you'll see a lot of swimsuit shots on her feed. Initially, the mother of one simply felt confident flaunting her killer body in stylish swimwear. In 2011, she launched her own swimsuit line and started modelling the designs herself. Among the top comments of her followers: "Nanganak ka ba talaga?"

You can watch the video below:

Sunshine Cruz

Even after having her three kids, Sunshine Cruz said she never stopped being conscious about maintaining her killer body which has made her one of the “mommy goals” inspirations in showbiz.

Iya Villania

The mom and fitness buff recently shared on Instagram that she's resumed her active lifestyle. The recent mom and gym buff isn’t about to let anything get in the way of her love for working out. Just over a month after giving birth to her first child with Drew Arellano, Iya’s was back in getting shape!

Ina Raymundo

Five kids later, she's still managed to maintain her waistline back when she was in her 20s. It’s no secret that Ina Raymundo remains to be one of the attractive women to grace show business. And her appeal just becomes more inspiring with age. But what not a lot of people know is how she’s managed to stay fit (and maintain her 27-inch waistline!) in her 40s and after giving birth to five kids. She’s no stranger to weight gain. When she was pregnant with her first child back in 2001, she recalls gaining about 40 pounds. It was her husband Brian Portunak, who encouraged her to hit the gym. Thus, her love for fitness began.

Say Alonzo

PBB Season 1 contender Say Alonzo has come a long way from her reality TV years. She's now married and has an energetic little boy named Asher. As to how motherhood has kept her very busy these days, just check out how she chronicles it all on her Instagram! Say, new at what she does, warmly recalls the tricky business of suddenly becoming a mom and being sometimes overwhelmed with chores. Yet, even with all the in-between business of housekeeping and groceries, she tries to keep it cool. Her penchant for dressing up even for a quick pasyal by the pool is just one of the way she's coping up—and looking fab at it!

Vina Morales

Singer-actress Vina Morales gave birth to her first child with boyfriend Cedric Lee, last April 25, 2009. Vina delivered a bouncing baby girl at 8:47 a.m. The couple chose the name Ceana for their firstborn. It is a combination of the first names of Cedric and Vina, although Ceana really means "God is gracious." Look how she looks now!

Aubrey Miles

Who would have thought that actress Aubrey Miles, used to weigh 185 pounds? She gained all that pounds after giving birth to her first child. But now, this mother of two can say she's in her best shape at 39 years old. Aubrey flaunts her 23-inch waistline and toned body in her swimwear.

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