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15-year-old girl transforms into this beautiful doll-like woman.

15-year-old girl transforms into this beautiful doll-like woman.

A million dollar makeover turned an outcast into a show-stopping Barbie doll.  This woman has spent a staggering amount of money to look like a porcelain doll.  Lee Hee Danae, 15, from China, has splashed the huge sum on everything from surgery to doll-like outfits to shoes, accessories, wigs, key chains and toys - as well as a fund for the monthly 'glitter budget'. Lee Hee wears circle contact lenses to enlarge the appearance of her eyes and admits to getting up at 4 am some mornings so she has time to get ready.

Recently Lee Hee posted pictures and video clips of herself online after undergoing cosmetic surgery to alter her eyes, jaw, chin, and other parts of her body, including the ones you see in the photos. She even altered her chin to make it pointy. People were so amazed on how she looks and others are afraid that she looks like a “snake spirit,” a reference to popular Chinese folk tales that link unusually fair skin with “snake spirits.”

In the modern era, people tend to estimate the importance of appearance beauty highly. As a result, many people believe that spending money on beauty services and products is an efficient expenditure. However, the others support more profitable investment. 

There are various reasons why people think appearance is important. Firstly, people are more confident if they have a good-looking appearance. It is evident that individuals who have their nice makeup and elegant clothes are more forward than the others. Besides, the first impression is significant; the positive and professional personal image could bring more benefits for people to build their network and also gain more opportunities for their career. 

Secondly, the news and media, nowadays, support the beauty as one of the factors which lead to success. Those promotions create a global tendency which significantly affects both male and female. Plus for Lee Hee, she did all this to make her ex-boyfriend regret leaving her.

Some people argue that it is better to save money or invest in other fields. Saving money has undisputable advantages; many people save money to buy things they can not afford at the moment, such as a car or an apartment, which are more permanent and valuable properties. Besides that, there are many essential fields which some individuals claim to be more considerate to invest their money, such as education or health.

Those investments can bring a constant lifetime value compares to the temporary benefits of appearance.

While we agree that a beautiful appearance does have its advantages, we believe that people should spend their money on other better purposes such as education or health for a permanent value.

Plastic surgery is a fast growing industry and many more people today are opting for surgery to enhance the body and turn back the signs of aging. Television shows and advertising, easier accessibility to surgery and increased social acceptance are just a few of the many reasons why the industry continues to grow so rapidly.

Another reason for an increase in plastic surgery is the many financial options now available to potential patients, which includes plastic surgery loans. This makes surgery a possibility for many who previously could not have afforded such a luxury.

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