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A Soon To Be Daddy Decided To Change His Life Completely.

A Soon To Be Daddy Decided To Change His Life Completely.

Nothing anyone can say to you can really explain what happens when you become a dad – it is such an extraordinary event, truly life-changing, that it is impossible to conceive in advance how it will affect you. While most men today are proudly living as bad boys who would leave the woman after they got her pregnant, there are still a few men out there who are willing to take responsibility of what they did, and one of them is the man named Prince Lalic.

No one has to tell you that when you become a dad, your life is forever changed. In the months leading up to your baby’s birth, you politely smile and nod as well-meaning people kept trying to prepare you for fatherhood by telling you the same tired cliches: "Say goodbye to your social life!" or "Get plenty of sleep now, because soon you'll be wishing you could." (As if it's possible to stockpile sleep for later use). Sure, there is some truth in their advice, but there's also a bright side to the social and psychological changes you go through after becoming a dad.

It was back in May 2017 when Prince Lalic used his Facebook account to share the story behind his family and how he refused to turn his back on his girlfriend and his little one who’d call him ‘daddy’. He posted several photos of his girlfriend that was accompanied by a lengthy post that tells the story of how his life has changed. 

According to his Facebook post, he was once the spoiled, hard-headed man, who knows nothing but to hang-out with his friends and play online games. He claims that despite having a girlfriend, he still chose to lend his friends more time. It even came to a point wherein he had failed his subject in school.

However, this isn’t a story about how naughty and how hard-headed he is, but rather a story of how his life changed and how his girlfriend gave him another chance. Some men find this responsibility easier than others; some embrace their new role and the changes it brings to their routine, while others struggle with it. But for most of us, in the end, something clicks and we go from being lads to dads. Prince apologized to his girlfriend for making her feel bad despite that she’s already pregnant with their first baby. He also apologized for the day that he let his anger took over him and made his pregnant girlfriend cry. But also, he thanks his girlfriend, Siela Ann Bitancor for still accepting him no matter how many times he failed her.

“But, THANKYOU! Thankyou kasi tinanggap mo padin ako. Tinanggap mo padin ako ng buo pagkatapos ng mga nagawa kong kasalanan sayo, Tinanggap mo padin ako pagkatapos ng sakit na naibigay ko sayo. Sobrang thankful ako kasi meron akong girlfriend or soon to be wife na sobrang mapagpatawad at mapagbigay.” - says Prince. He then continued and advised all the “bad boys” out there to stop being a coward and start facing their responsibilities.

“Tigil nyo na yan, At kung may mabuo. Sana mga tol wag nyo takbuhan mga responsibilidad nyo. Ginusto nyo yan e, Meron kayo pang pasok. Pero pag may nabuo wala na kayong mga tapang para panagutan to. Magbago na kayo hanggat may oras pa. Wag nyo na intayin sapakin kayo ng karma. Hindi naman buhay nyo nasisira.” Before he ended his post, he claims that it feels good knowing that he already has a family of his own and that he already has a son who would call him ‘Daddy’. He even stated that his little one and the love of his life are his inspiration.

“Sobrang sarap sa feeling ng may sarile ng pamilya. Alam ko sa ngayon wala pa akong sarileng pera para buhayin ang sarile kong pamilya. Pero sila ang inspirasyon ko para lalo ako magbuti sa pagaaral at makapagtapos agad. Sobrang sarap sa feeling ng may tatawag sayong “DADDY” wala ng mas sasarap pa.” Today, Prince Lalic is already a Daddy. Prince and Shiela are now parents to their little one and they are both thankful that their parents didn’t let them face such huge challenge all by themselves.

From us here in Sunnyside Manila, we say to all dads, the time you have with your kids absolutely flies by, so really take the time to enjoy it. Take time out of work to be with them. Call in sick one day and take them to the amusement park. Pick up your kid from school and go hit a bucket of balls with them.

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