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AlDub Fans Defend Alden Richard After Rumors That He Curses And Degrades Ryza Mae Dizon.

AlDub Fans Defend Alden Richard After Rumors That He Curses And Degrades Ryza Mae Dizon.

When we were kids our parents always say us the line "Do not say bad words". This is because our parents wanted us to become upright citizens when we grow up. But because of many factors such our friends, relatives, and our environment, this simple rule couldn't be followed even if we try to do so. As we grow, most people tend to say bad words regularly and it became a habit or others might call it an "expression". Such things couldn't be avoided because we have done it many times and it is part of our nature.

But if you're a famous person like a celebrity, sometimes these "expressions" can be used against you and tarnish your image. Even though you didn't really mean it, people will always be there to judge and criticize you. As fans and supporters, we can only give love and encouragement but we cannot really control what others might say. Just like what recently happened with the superstar celebrity and the other half of the Aldub Love team, Alden Richards. He's been making a buzz all over social media after people saw news update about him and apparently many people are going on about it on social media. 

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "Maichard Lover" featured the phenomenal actor, Alden Richards. We all know that the actor belongs to one of the biggest love teams in the country known as the AlDub and they were followed by many people across the world.

The actor Alden Richards rose to fame and after becoming part of the AlDub Tandem together with the actress Maine Mendoza. Ever since then, the actor has been one of the most popular actors in the showbiz industry and many people have followed and respected him for the many successful projects they did.

But recently, people are worried about the love team because of the series of controversies that have been happening with them. It started with Maine Mendoza's open letter which brought to her personal blog. Since then a lot of people were speculating that the love team is falling apart.

Fans and supporters from the Aldub Nation are still firm even though a lot of controversies are circulating. They still believe that Alden and Maine can work things out and they look forward to the many projects of the love team in the future.

Now, another video about the actor has been viral on social media and it was a rumor that Alden curses and degraded the child star, Ryza Mae Dizon. Many of their fans got worried about the video and they were all defending the actor.

Though we know that it is not impossible that it could happen but some people are still giving out their speculations that Alden can do it because it is part of their expression. People are all talking about it and many fans of the AlDub Nation are saying that they should stop spreading these rumors because it may have a backlash on Maine Mendoza and to the whole AlDub love team.

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Maine Mendoza also expresses her support to Alden and as well as she is asking the AlDub Nation to stop pointing fingers and just focus and continue in their love and support of the AlDub love tandem. The video went massive on social media and many social media channels, pages, and websites shared the video.

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