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Beautiful beggar marries a rich guy.

Beautiful beggar marries a rich guy.

The generosity and lack of hesitation by Malaysians in parting with their money when approached by beggars is a contributing factor as to why begging activities are thriving and nowhere close to being wiped out. More locals have also taken to the streets to beg despite being put in rehabilitation centres after being nabbed in the hopes they would turn over a new leaf.

But they would return to their old habits as it is seen as a 'profession' that yields easy money in a short span of time. Statistics in the past three years have shown an increase in the number of beggars. Bu tone beggar caught the attention of the people in social media. They saw her sitting on the side of the streets of Kuala Lumpur. The young beggar looked like in her early 30’s and with a pretty face. They all got shocked when this beggar went to that place again after 6 months.

So when a lot of people showed their sympathy for the beautiful young woman to be begging at a bus stop for money to survive, they were shocked to see her six months later. A lot of them don’t know that the beggar was actually Anzalna Nalsir, a Malaysian actress who is 30 years old this year!

Anzalna is the second of five siblings and was born at Tasek Gelugor, Pulau Pinang on 9 January 1988. She has mixed blood of Chinese and Punjabi. Her father has Chinese hybrids while her mother has Punjabi's. Anzalna grew up in many places. She did her primary school in Montreal, Quebec, Canada from 1996 to 1998 while following her father doing his master's degree at McGill University, Canada. 

Her first school was at Coronation Elementary School. She then moved to Sinclair Laird Elementary School followed by Bancroft Elementary School. Upon his father's completion of his study, she continued her primary school in her home country in Muar and Melaka. She then went to SMK Munshi Abdullah followed by SMK Khir Johari.

She left Malaysia in 2004 to follow her father who took his doctoral study at University of Tasmania, Australia. In Tasmania, she went to Brooks High School, Launceston before she went to Launceston College, Tasmania to do her Diploma.

She had a lot of television and movie casting. She became famous after she moved back to Malaysia from Australia.

For the incident in Malaysia, we don’t if it was a stunt, a social experiment, or to raise an awareness for the homeless and poverty, fans are still shocked that they were fooled by the act. While many people group hunger and homelessness together, the two issues are not as closely related as one might think. Across the globe, homelessness affects people of all ages, colour and creed, and both genders. It is near impossible for a country’s administration to ascertain the true number of homeless people in their country, for some people may find themselves literally out in the streets the next day.

The reasons for homelessness vary from riches to rags, domestic quarrels, being disowned by the family or running away from home to escape physical or sexual abuse. This includes older people being kicked out from their homes after they willed their property over to their next of kin, individuals being asked to leave home for continued substance abuse or for stealing from their family, or being cheated by so-called employment agencies or persons with the promise of lucrative job offers but left stranded after they arrived at their destination. 

These victims could have used up their life savings to pay for the agency’s fees or worse still, could have borrowed money for the fees and travelling expenses. Kuala Lumpur is estimated to have about 2,000 homeless people in 2017 but the actual figure could be much higher.

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