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Beautiful policewoman joins PNP SWAT training.

Beautiful policewoman joins PNP SWAT training.

When Policewoman Minerva Ramos was a kid, she was the one always on the side of the underdog. “I’d be the kid in the neighbourhood standing up for them,” said PO3 Minerva who has training for the PNP SWAT training. But Minerva pursued her dream of becoming a policewoman and encourages women to consider law enforcement as a career. 

Calls for more women in the police force have been ringing around the corridors of power since the 1930s. Some women talk about maintaining their femininity while still garnering respect as a police officer. At first, it may be somewhat of a laughable topic. To be accepted and respected by other officers who are mostly male, some female officers often have to leave their femininity behind.

Policewomen have to be able to get their hands dirty and jump into situations with resistive subjects to show that we aren't a liability. they have to be able to roll with the punches amid dirty jokes, flatulence, and other behaviours typically displayed in a male-dominated field. Being feminine is often seen as a hindrance as opposed to an attribute when garnering respect from male coworkers because they feel like they have to protect them instead of focus on the problem they are called to handle.

The paramilitary mindset keeps all officers looking the same in order to make police easily identifiable to the public and looking like part of the same team while keeping the appearance at a professional standard. So where does being female come into play in this business? People had to rethink their idea of femininity on a deeper level that removes the physical attributes of a woman and leans toward the inherent differences between males and females in how they think and act.

For PO 3 Minerva, she really wanted to be with the force so she decided to do the SWAT training course. The course normally takes 45 days or a total of 360 hours based on the manual of the PNP. It is a hard course but for Minerva, this is her dream, this is her calling.

PO3 Minerva went viral on social media not only because of her courage and strength but her gorgeous photos as well. A lot of people particularly men wanted to get arrested by this stunning lady cop. They even wanted to be 'tokhang'  as long as she will be the one to knock at their homes.

When Filipino women started to join the male-dominated Philippine National Police (PNP), they were only given assignments that were administrative in nature and jobs that could be classified and described as "desk duties".

Within the following thirty years - years after the establishment of the PNP in the early period of the 1990s, female Filipino police officers have been able to participate in other police activities and functions, including risky PNP operations. They have also become commanders in the field of police work.

It is given that police officer who aims to join the elites in SWAT have to undergo difficult training before being admitted including "Introduction to Crisis Management," Close Quarter Maneuver," "Fundamentals of Marksmanship," "Mission Planning," "Field Excercise," as per Danified and more. 

Anyone who wishes to enter into SWAT should be ready physically, mentally, and emotionally. There are various demanding physical training and a lot of mental draining types of training. Not all police officers are ready for such training, but for PO3 Ramos, she definitely proved to us that she is ready more than anything.

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