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Beautiful woman defends her boyfriend from people's opinion about their relationship.

Beautiful woman defends her boyfriend from people's opinion about their relationship.

Those who are experienced and enlightened know that beauty is only skin deep. What matters most are the special qualities that make up the inside of a person. A wholesome man(or woman) of character is more handsome(or prettier) than someone who looks appealing on the outside but is shallow and undeveloped on the inside.

For those of us who watch TV and pay attention to the social media, it’s clear that both men and women are over-focused on beauty. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be physically attracted to the other person.

But, when one is obsessed with finding someone beautiful or handsome, it is easy to lose sight of the more durable and profoundly important qualities that should be valued - such as love, affection, chemistry, communication, commitment, generosity, friendliness, humor, patience, wisdom, intellect, and loyalty that remain long after beauty fades.

Many women do seek out trophy boyfriends or husbands versus ugly or plain ones because, sadly, it increases their own, low self-esteem. Some (insecure) females like the idea of having someone who is more of a “plain-Joe” because they think that will lessen the likelihood that he’ll cheat on them.

Others are heard to say, “If your boy is hot and she’s out somewhere socializing, you’ll always worry and be suspicious of what might happen.” However, just when you’re about to say that all women are the same (searching for good-looking men), the story of this woman is way different.

This woman refused to be just like the typical women out there, women whose preference in men are just their looks. She was criticized by people she knows because of her boyfriend. As her posts on Facebook, we can see her boyfriend isn’t really that good looking. Since she is an attractive woman people wanted for her to have better. They all think that she deserves better.

However, this woman refused to listen to the comments and advice that she sees on her social media. Instead, she defended his man and gave a reason on why she would pick her man than her previous suitors.

She revealed in her lengthy post that she chose him over the other men because he’s different and he’s far from being the typical ‘pogi lang’ type of man. According to her, instead of judging him based on his appearance, she chose to look at the things that he has that most men don’t have.

The woman shared that her boyfriend is a hardworking man who completely accepted her daughter without any hesitation. Having a daughter in the equation really gives an edge to the relationship but with the right acceptance and understanding, everything will be fine.

She also gave insights to another woman out there, to see all the good and the bad and not just the good of the person. She wanted to share that look for a guy that will be there for you, handsome or not. Look for a man that is willing to accept you for who you are.

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