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Carlos Agassi Apologizes But Also Sets His Mind In Positive Perspective.

Carlos Agassi Apologizes But Also Sets His Mind In Positive Perspective.

For some of us being single is really a great life. Yes, being single means a carefree life and a life of enjoyment of the things that are in front of you, the many opportunities and the many things that life has to offer. But there are times that people say to single people the famous line "Single and ready to mingle", yes, being single also means that we are available to get to know people and to engage to new relationships. Single life is really great because this is the part where we widen our circles and we get to know a lot of people for a time.

But there are times people who are single abusing their status and are checking out a lot of people and were hoping to have a lot of relationships. For some this is really rude yet for some it is understandable. But when it comes celebrities, this is really different. They have their popularity and most of all eyes are on them. One thing about relationships can lead to a big topic in social media. Just like what recently happened to the famous actor and model, Carlos Agassi. He's been making a buzz all over social media after people have seen the many posts about him from women. People are now talking about it and they are now going crazy about it on social media.

A Facebook scoop is now going viral all over social media after a website called "Fashion Pulis" featured the phenomenal actor and model, Carlos Agassi. We all know that the actor is really famous in his career in showbiz because of his awesome talents, good looks, and outstanding charisma.

He did quite well on many projects and he's been one of the respected men in the showbiz industry. With all these in mind, the actor is really popular and many people have been following and admiring him on social media. 

But recently, a Facebook scoop was featured on a page and people were quite surprised because they have discovered a different side of the actor. People are now talking about it and they were giving their questions, comments, and sentiments on the topic.

In the post, you will see the many screenshots of women who apparently was messaged by the actor. It is common for social media to send a message instantly. Social media made it easy to connect with people and check out their profile, this became a huge help to many of us but also it helped us get to know a lot of people much easier.

Now, the post features the different women who were texted by the actor, was asked by the actor for her number and on a date. This reflects that the actor is sending a lot of messages from beautiful women that he could meet on social media.

The post immediately gained the attention of the people and they are now giving their comments and sentiments on the post. They were all saying that there are more women who are victims of such things that was done by the actor while some have defended that it was normal for him because Carlos Agassi is single.

Later on, the actor posted on his Instagram account an open letter of apology to everyone and he also made light of the things that people are saying about him. He also said that he is really single and wanted to get to know people. People are now talking about the post and his apology and it went massive on social media.

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  1. oh well he is single he can mingle around the people he likes as long as there are no sexual harrassment or sexual assault or anything that is illegal he has freedom to do what he wants... I think it same thing with the women if a women is single she can do what ever she wants as well