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Couple’s Relationship Goals Photo On A Huge Rock Resulted In A Disaster After Being Hit By A Wave.

Couple’s Relationship Goals Photo On A Huge Rock Resulted In A Disaster After Being Hit By A Wave.

The ocean can be described in an endless number of ways. It’s refreshing, beautiful and humbling. It’s vast, mysterious and terrifying. Its magnificence has inspired countless novels, films, documentaries, songs, and people. If it were a god, it would already have millions of devoted disciples — divers, scientists, surfers, biologists, ocean-going enthusiasts — who are in constant awe of its power and beauty.

What happens when a natural element such as waves in the sea and masterful photography are combined? It can be the most epic photo ever, or it can end your life. It’s only satisfying to watch the sea when it’s calm because when the sea is mad, it could take people’s lives. In fact, we have here the story of a couple who were trying to pose for a photo but ends up dying after a huge wave hit them.

The sea was calm when this couple decided to stand at the edge of the rocks and pose for photos at the Rio Das Ostras Blue Coast in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. However, their supposed fun and unforgettable moment, turned horrifying after they ended up lifeless after getting hit by a huge wave. It was a tragic sight to see the couple slowly drowning because of the huge wave that struck the shore.

Sneaker waves are as devastating as they are unpredictable. The waves here are so sneaky, they come creeping up on you and suck you in if you are standing too close - nothing can be done to save people if this happens - so please be extremely careful if you visit the beaches, and never turn your back to the sea and the waves.

In a post made by Dhi Bertolli Benavides on Facebook, the unidentified couple was seen smiling in the photo. The lady could be seen standing on a rock while the man was on the grassy part of the beach. However, after a few moments, the waves grew bigger. They were caught off guard and were swept away after a huge wave hit the rock where they were standing.

The man who took the video started shouting, calling his friends for help. But then, they had to helplessly watch as the couple got slammed on the rocks, taken further out to sea. The couple was no match to the power exerted by the waves. It’s still unknown whether the couple knew how to swim or not, but people claim that even if they know how to swim, the powerful waves would still end up taking their lives.

While Benavides failed to identify the couple, someone posted a comment, saying that the woman was rescued but later on passed away at the hospital while the man disappeared into the sea.

Always watch for dangerous waves, like surging waves or dumping waves and never think it's safe to wave-dodge. The sea is unpredictable and what looks like fun could end in tragedy. Large waves could take you out to sea in a matter of seconds. 

You should also beware of rough or choppy water - it can sap your strength and make you too tired to swim. If the water is rough, get out of the sea and wait until it is calm enough to go in again.

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