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Deaf Guy Couldn't Help But Cry After What His Bride Secretly Did To Him During Their Wedding.

Bride surprises deaf groom by singing a sign language version of “A Thousand Years”

In a world full of Pinterest weddings, most women have at least one moment in which they’ve seen a pin and said: “I wish I did that at my wedding!”. Seeing other brides’ ideas and what has been done at other weddings is enough to inspire any bride-to-be…and keep you wondering for hours on end. But this surprise of the bride is way different from those you see on Pinterest. It is more personal and heartfelt.

Communication can be a struggle for some deaf people when most individuals think about communicating with deaf people, they think of sign language. What they may not know, however, is that there are different forms of sign language. Moreover, there are other communication options, such as cued speech, auditory verbal communication, and lipreading.

But for Elizabeth, she studied all the art of talking to a deaf person. She made all this possible for her husband to be. She took years of training for her to master the art of sign language. She wanted to perfect it before her wedding, to give his husband a surprise. To know what the surprise is, you can watch the video below.

While including a few traditions in any wedding is important, but Elizabeth made sure her wedding stands out as her husband will remember for the rest of their lives together, plus guests will remember long after they have said: “I do’s”? We all have that moment in the ceremonies that we save something for only one person. 

Some people do it by gifts and other do it by messages. But for Elizabeth, it was a song. She sang “A Thousand Years” to her husband using the sign language. Her husband was in tears upon seeing her bride doing a lot of effort for him.

Her husband was deaf since childhood, when Elizabeth was asked about her interpretation of the song, she answered: “Every time I had practised it leading up to the day I would make mistakes or go blank — but when my son left me at the top of the aisle, I locked eyes with Scott and didn’t look away. I honestly felt like we were the only ones in the room. The moment I began signing the words to the song he burst into tears — apparently the rest of the guests did too, but because I was focused on Scott I had no idea.”

The video caught a lot of attention, people gave good comments for the couple. It was so real and heartfelt. They both are really happy, as you can see in the video, their smiles and tears are genuinely real. 

You can always feel the real happiness by just looking at their faces. It was a wedding that a lot of people will remember. We all need to give extra mile to those people with disabilities. They are already suffering a lot so we need to our part and help them ease the pain.

For Elizabeth and Scott, congratulation and best wishes! Both of them deserves all the happiness in the world. Wishing you both for a long and happy life together. May you bring each other as much happiness and more!

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