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The cute Lumen Twins in Surf commercial are now gorgeous ladies.

The cute Lumen Twins in Surf commercial are now gorgeous ladies.

What we loved about Surf commercial before was the “Wais si Misis” version. It is like the whole story of the family of Lumen and Lando cut into 3-5 minute commercials. We all can say that we have been part of their adventures as “Lumen” taught us how to save up while washing your clothes using Surf products. The advertisement from the popular brand of laundry detergent showed us the idyllic Filipino family – helmed by the “wais na misis”, her faithful husband “Lando”, and their two beautiful twin daughters “Maria” and “Ana.”

A lot of 90’s kid or even 80’s kid would relate to this story since the commercial was aired during their time. If social media was already available by that time, the “Wais si Misis” versions could’ve gone viral. It was a genius strategy to make a story of a typical Filipino family. They even included “Lumen’s” real twins in their commercials. They were called Surf family for promoting the brand as a family.

Charlotte Angela Caparas Hermoso (Maria) and Charice Andrea Caparas Hermoso (Ana) are making rounds in the social media right now. The beautiful Hermoso twins were at the peak of their popularity by that time. They were even cast as the younger “Lara” and “Sarah” on the hit Kapuso Drama “Impostora” back in 2007. But check them out now, they are very different than before. 

The two right now have been busy with their personal lives ever since they rest and took their time away from showbiz. Charlotte and Charice both attended the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA - located in Las Pinas. According to the report, Charlotte has a simple laid back sense of fashion which only highlights her natural charms. On the other hand, Charice is the “fashionista” between them both with plenty of stylish snaps highlighting her OOTDs.

Growing up as a twin, most people assume you’re exactly alike, and it feels like people view you as one person. Being treated like you are a pair can make it hard to be an individual. When they started spending more time apart from their twin.

They were able to figure out who I was besides being a twin. I don't think there is anything wrong with being a twin, but it’s hard to see yourself as an individual growing up.

Our parents have always given us the same gifts for Christmas and our birthday, and this still continues today — I think it’s because they want to be fair. I wonder if all twins' parents do that.

In a separate report, Charice shows potential in pursuing a career as a model. Charlotte seemingly may not dress up as much as her sister, but she has the same tools as her sister does. Based on the photos shared on their respective Instagram accounts – we couldn’t agree more!

People seem to find ‘twindom’ fascinating, and they can’t count the number of times twins been asked ‘what’s it like?’ by friends, family, and strangers in pubs who haven’t had the experience of sharing a womb with another person.

Yes, they are a miracle of human nature and look amazingly cute when dressed the same, but to others (and probably all other twins out there) being a twin is one of the most natural things in the world.

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