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Ellen Adarna Proudly Shows Her Baby Bump In Her Instagram Stories.

Ellen Adarna flashes her tummy in an Instagram story.

Ellen Adarna is pregnant and that her current love, John Lloyd Cruz, is the father of the baby. Ellen allegedly shared this happy news with her friends on various separate occasions. Her pregnancy rumours first came out back in October 2017, but she was quick to dismiss this then.

After the recent incidents where John Lloyd got involved in viral and controversial “drunk” videos, the couple seemingly decided to stay away from showbiz intrigues first by embarking on a long and grand escapade in Europe. So was the baby made in Europe? Looking at Ellen’s most recent Instagram posts, does this video subtly suggest that Ellen is pregnant for how many months now?

They've remained tight-lipped about their relationship status. But Ellen Adarna has finally made it clear that she and John Lloyd Cruz are together as a couple, admitting to her friend that even she couldn't believe that it's true. Late Thursday, the sexy actress posted on Instagram a photo of Cruz hanging out with her family in their home in Cebu. 

In the comments, she told her friend who said that she's happy for her, in Cebuano: "Hindi ba? Sinong mag-aakala na magiging kami?" But this is not the only photo that Ellen shared to her Instagram live feed. She accidentally posted her baby bump.

While their romance has been rumoured for months, with some even suggesting that they're already engaged and are expecting a baby, this is the first time Adarna has outright confirmed it. She has been spotted with the Kapamilya actor since he took a break from showbiz last October, exploring Switzerland with him and love celebrating the holidays together. 

Their sweet moments led to numerous engagement and pregnancy gossip, although there's been no confirmation as of yet.  Fans, however, have noticed that Adarna has been incredibly skilful in hiding her belly, expertly cropping it out in their photos. She is good at hiding things from the people in social media. But we all know that there can always be a slip in her posts.

In the video, Ellen focused it on an outdoor grill. The actress said, “Our makeshift oven!” Shortly afterwards, she was seen holding a dog on her arms. The camera angle gave viewers a quick glimpse of her supposed belly bump. It’s worth noting that the shot of Ellen’s belly moves so fast that one would be hard-pressed to discern anything from it.

That is why when Ellen Adarna posted a live feed on her Instagram, people got excited to the baby bump that they saw. A lot of people gave comments congratulating the couple and giving best wishing for the pregnant Ellen Adarna. It has been the talk of the town onto what the real score there is in Ellen’s pregnancy. But we can’t force her to admit anything that is why we still have to wait for the official announcement.

The actress is said to have a contract to abide that is why she can’t reveal the real deal when it comes to her pregnancy. People also understand her situation and you can see in their comments that their admire her. Some of them are not patient enough to wait and wants the truth already. Well, as John Lloyd bluntly puts it: “Those who judge will never understand and those who understand will never judge.” It’s true — as long as the two of them are happy, then we should all be happy for them too.

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