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Female Police Officer From Davao Goes Viral For Being So Gorgeous.

Female Police Officer From Davao Goes Viral For Being So Gorgeous.

It's never a good feeling when you get pulled over for speeding (or something worse) by a police officer. But one thing that can make the whole experience a little bit more enjoyable is if the police officer pulling you over and giving you a ticket is one of the gorgeous female police officers in Davao.

If you've never had to deal with a gorgeous policewoman in real life, you are truly missing out. You should take some more chances in life that blur the line of legality just to possibly interact with one of the gorgeous female cops out there. It should seem obvious that there is gorgeous woman police officer exists. After all, that Cop Halloween costume had to come from somewhere, right?

We all know career like Police and other law enforcement jobs is a hard profession because aside from being away from your family, this career is also dangerous. That’s why many people think that this profession is just for men but one woman proved them wrong. A young policewoman from Davao has become an internet sensation after her photos were posted online.

She caught the attention of many people on social media with her pretty face and close-cropped hair. She has been identified as Police Officer 1 Mel Rose Duma FTP of San Pedro Police Station in Davao City.

Women in the police department have typically been outnumbered by men in police forces. The first female police officer in the USA appeared in 1910 and the first in England came just a few years later. Since that time many law enforcement agencies have sought to reduce discrimination and increase the numbers of women working in this sector.

Today we can see policewomen everywhere. They are here to protect and serve. If you are getting arrested, you would probably like to be arrested by some female police officer, especially with PO1 Mel Rose Duma.

Not only does Duma arrested bad guys, but she breaks hearts too! Don’t let her pretty face and petite stature fool you, as she can take men down with her skills as a policewoman. First seen at Facebook page Buhay Lespu, Duma’s pictures went viral, with people admiring both her beauty and her bravery. The Facebook post was captioned with: “P01 Mel Rose Duma of San Fernando Police Station, Davao City.#GandaPulisSpotted.” According to some netizens, the beautiful miss Duma was apparently a former Miss Tanauan.

There are only a few brave women who try to live up to the challenge of entering the police force. Considering the risky kind of work that the police officers do, it is a given fact that most who join the force is mostly men. However, there are also women who also respond to the call of service to the country. They too are willing to risk even their own lives just to protect the people around them and the country as a whole.

Although there are just a few women in the police force, it turns out that most of them are gorgeous not just on their inner intentions but also in terms of their physical appearance.

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