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Former Ex-Battalion Member John Roa Reveals His Deleted Lyrics Of Hayaan Mo Sila.

Former Ex-Battalion member John Roa shares his deleted lyrics of Hayaan Mo Sila.

Ex Battalion, normally shortened to Ex B, is a Filipino hip-hop collective formed in Manila, Philippines. Known for their hit singles that widely use auto-tune, "No Games", that peaked at number 10 in the Billboard Philippine Top 20, and "Need You" that reached almost 20 million views on YouTube. The collective was originally formed as a musical group by Bosx1ne and Flow-G. 

Later members include JRoa, internet personality Jon Guttierez, who used "King Badger" as his screen name, Emcee Rhenn, Brando, KentMNL, Bullet-D, and Mckoy. The collective gained prominence nationwide after releasing several hit songs. Nowadays, they are dubbed as the most successful hip-hop collective in the country in the mainstream with their music video hits counting to a hundred million on YouTube.

Following the departure of JRoa, who recently changed his screen name to John Roa, the collective released another single entitled “Hayaan Mo Sila ” that debuted in the Philippines' Top 20 chart at number 5. Over a few months, YouTube took down the song’s official music video due to the copyright claim of Beats by Diamond Style Productions. Some people speculate that the rap group allegedly stole the beats in Diamond Style’s “One Kiss”.

However, ExB explained that they did not steal anything from the said beat production group and they paid the beat before using it on their song. On their statement, they explained “lumampas na kami sa limitasyon na binayaran namin sa gumawa ng beat dahil na siguro sa dami ng nakinig, naniwala, at tumangkilik sa kanta. Kaya humihingi muli ng karagdagang bayad ang gumawa. Sa madaling salita, hindi nawala ang “Hayaan Mo Sila” MV nang dahil sa mga pinaparatang nilang pagnanakaw.”

On 2012, Ex Battalion was first formed and founded by Bosx1ne and rap battle emcees Jekkpot and Cent as a rap battle group, they had joined several barangay rap battles before being into music. On February 2016, the group was formed into a musical group and as a hip-hop collective and released their first album entitled "X" on digital platforms. They eventually recruited several artists to join their group after the release.

The first three members are former reality talent show participant JRoa, Flow-G, and their founder Bosx1ne. JRoa's vocals were featured in the hook of their first single that became their first hit entitled "Kakaiba" that was released in the same month. Rapper Skusta Clee has been associated with the group ever since and has collaborated in most of their singles.[4]

On November 7, 2017, JRoa announced the intent to leave the group to focus on his solo musical career after releasing just one album in the label and appearing in several songs with the collective. Roa said that the group will still be the same "with or without him". Other members like Flow-G accepted Roa's decision and pledged to 'support' him on his future plans. On the same day, Ex Battalion released another single entitled "Hayaan Mo Sila" including its official video on YouTube, the track was inspired by DJ Khaled's "I'm The One".

But the issue didn’t stop there. John Roa shared the deleted lyrics of the song. In an interview video of Chikkaness Ave, he was asked about the issue of the Youtube taking down their video, then he explained the situation. Until he shared that there are deleted lyrics in the song. Watch the video below for the deleted lyrics.

After being talked about since facing controversy, Filipino rap group Ex Battalion’s hit song “Hayaan Mo Sila” has been made available for streaming once again. The controversy surrounding the song made waves on social media when the new year opened, but it seems like discussions about “Hayaan Mo Sila” will die down, for the time being at least, now that it’s back on all the music streaming apps.

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