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Giraffe Woman Decided To Stop And End Her Desires To Have A Giraffe Like Neck, After Stretching Her Neck for 5 Consecutive Years.

Giraffe Woman Decided To Stop And End Her Desires To Have A Giraffe Like Neck, After Stretching Her Neck for 5 Consecutive Years.

As women, we always try to look our best. It is in our nature. We go to the very extremes sometimes to take care of our face from keeping it glowing & beautiful and making it free from fine lines and wrinkles. But suddenly one day you are in your mid 30’s, you start to notice that the skin around your neck has become dark, and has fine lines and superficial wrinkles. And you realize that it is not just your face, but your neck too requires some tendering loving. 

Most of us often fail to take proper care of our neck as the focus always stays on the face and hands. We even opt for expensive spa treatments for our back, shoulders, and legs. Did you ever really notice that the neck is being left out in all these ‘indulgences’? But in this article, we will share a woman who has a different approach when it comes to her neck.

This woman’s overflowing obsession for giraffes forced her to alter her body to imitate her favorite animal, even if it means being criticized in public. For five years, this “giraffe woman” has endured weird looks from people on the street because of her eccentric appearance. While other people are content having a stuffed toy of their favorite animal, Sydney Smith took her obsession to the next level by the yearning to look like her favorite animal, too! The 30-year-old woman from Los Angeles, California has been dubbed as “giraffe woman” for trying to impersonate the animal.

Aside from wearing giraffe prints clothes, Sydney proved how dedicated she is by actually stretching her neck to match a real-life giraffe! If that doesn’t sound weird enough for you, then wait ‘til you hear the painful process of how she achieved it. For many years, the giraffe woman has been wearing heavy and suffocating metal braces around her neck. Sydney spent money to make custom brass coil rings, adding more and more in a span of five years with the hopes of finally achieving her desired neck length by pushing down her collarbone.

There's no shortage of bizarre transformation stories on the internet. It seems like daily we hear about some new way that people are modifying the look of their body or that someone spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to look like their favorite comic book character. Yes, body modification can be bizarre, but also mesmerizing at the same time.

Sydney became one of these people. This practice has been a tradition in South East Asia by the indigenous tribe called the Kayan people. In their case, the length of a woman’s neck denotes her status and beauty. The government is taking steps to slowly eradicate this excruciating process, but some women are still wearing neck rings nowadays.

However, this practice soon became tiring for Sydney, who admitted that it is starting to take a toll on her life. After five years of wearing braces, the giraffe woman is finally giving up her eccentric lifestyle.

“I couldn’t function properly as a long neck woman with fifteen rings around my neck in the United States of America. Unless you are willing to completely isolate yourself and you’re a trust fund baby and don’t ever need to leave the house, don’t ever need to drive, then maybe you can pull it off.” - Sydney

After taking off her neck rings, her bruised collarbones became more pronounced. Nowadays, Sydney is undergoing physical therapy to ease the prickling pain in her neck. She explained that her "neck felt very weak, kind of like arms on a toothpick." Over time, her neck has begun to shrink back.

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Source: Daily Mail


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