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Gorgeous Girl Defends Her Boyfriend From Bashers Who Are Telling Her She’s Too Pretty For Him.

Gorgeous Girl Defends Her Boyfriend From Bashers Who Are Telling Her She’s Too Pretty For Him.

Why do women fall in love? There are many reasons for women to fall in love. Some fall in love because of good looks, others because of sweet words and kind gestures, some fall for an intelligent mind, or successful careers, many reasons play the part on why women fall in love. But if there’s one thing in common among women, they fall in love with someone who can really touch their hearts.

They say that women are complicated. They are a walking paradox; a true-blood irony. If you were someone who’s been in a real relationship, you would know that it’s true and false at the same time. While women are complex, they are also very simple in the same way.

One tip is that women say one thing and mean another. You have to be able to read between the lines, and you have to be good at it to keep away from trouble if you know what I mean. And while they want to play the Miss Independent card, they are still very vulnerable and want to be taken care of. It’s a bittersweet combination. But once got them figured out, it’s as easy as the breeze.

Most women have certain standards as to who they want to be in a relationship with. Some are more particular than others. In the case of this girl, she was somewhat questioned for her preference of her chosen partner. More specifically, most people think that her partner is not in the same league as her when it comes to physical. In simpler words, they think that she is “too pretty” for her partner and deserves better.

Angie Gutierrez is said to be a freelance car show model and a brand ambassador with a good number of following on social media. And because social media personalities are now what people refer to as the “new-gen celebrities”, the public keeps an eye on their daily lives on their platforms, predominantly, Instagram.

Angie, like any other girl who is quite popular, likes to share bits and pieces of her life through posting on her social media account. But her posts of her and her boyfriend, Aaron Pascual, has been getting a buzz, unfortunately, not in a good way. Her followers expressively shared their sentiments with her boyfriend saying that she is too pretty for him.

They even through hurtful bashes about his physical appearance and think that for a girl who is easy on the eyes, she should be with someone who is more attractive so that they would look better as a couple.

But Angie showed her side by defending her choice to be with her boyfriend saying that she could care less and that it’s him that she wants to be with regardless of what they say. She said that they may ridicule him for his appearance but she believes that looks can fade, but a good heart never ceases.

Her boyfriend, Aaron, on the other hand, said that he is not affected by these comments, and the two seem to be happy and in love no matter the negativity being thrown at them.

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