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"Greatest Revenge" A Poor Man Who Was Rejected By The Love of His Life Sees Her Again After 10 Years.

When it comes to choosing our partner in life, we all have our own set of standards whether it is a short or long-term relationship. When we aspire to have the ‘perfect’ or ‘ideal’ life we tend to set far-fetched standards that often leads to failed relationships or simply disappointments due to minor mistakes or errors of potential partners.

But setting aside our superficial standards, we should not only consider a person’s physical appearance or the financial state but rather look deeper into what a person has to offer us— true love to be exact! A love that looks past all the imperfections and/or mistakes.

A woman heartlessly rejected her many suitors because they were less privileged having a completely different lifestyle as hers. But this one guy’s comeback surely shocked many:

A less fortunate man fell in love with a rich man’s daughter, and disregarding the fact that he was less privileged, he proposed to the girl.

The girl, on the other hand said, “My daily expenses is equivalent to your monthly salary! How do you expect me to marry you? I could never love you, so just forget about me. Go look for someone else to marry, someone who is on the same level as yours.” Her statement clearly meant that it wouldn’t work out for them to be together, while he remains poor.

Despite getting deeply hurt by the situation, for some reason, the boy had such a hard time getting over or forgetting the girl.

10 years later, the two unexpectedly ran into each other inside the mall. The girl immediately recognized the guy and boastfully said, “Hey, how are you? I’m now married to a very smart man, and his salary is $15,700 per month! Can you beat that?” The man who used to care held back his tears and said nothing.

A few moments after, the girl’s husband arrived. Before she could say a word, her husband already recognized the guy she was talking to and said, “Sir? G-good afternoon! I see you’ve met my wife!” then he answered back, “Good afternoon too, Mr...?” “Mr. Carter, Sir!”

The husband then turned to his wife and said, “Dear I’d like you to meet my boss. He owns the %100 million project I’ve been working on!” The girl, having a difficulty absorbing the series of events, wasn’t able to say anything at all. She couldn’t respond to what was happening. The guy just smiled saying, “Well Mr. Carter, I’ve got to get going. I have important things to do. It was splendid to see you today! Have an awesome day!” Then for a minute, the couple stared at the man while he was walking away from them. After being in a state of shock, the woman began to question her husband about the guy being his boss. He answered, “Yes dear. He is a very down-to-earth person, but he has quite a depressing life story!

They said he once loved a woman but ended up being dumped because he was poor back then. And because of that, he worked extremely hard. Because he was intelligent and driven, he became so successful and now he’s a multimillionaire who earns huge amounts of dollars per month, but the really sad part is that he remains unmarried and heartbroken.”

The husband continued talking and said, “How lucky would that woman have been if she had married him!” and her wife was left in shock, and couldn’t utter a single word.

The main lesson in this story is that we should never judge anybody based on their status in life, but instead be fair and give everybody a chance. Embarrassing other people will never make you gain anything.


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