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Gentle guy shares how to treat women properly.

Gentle guy shares how to treat women properly.

Many men take advantage of women who are drunk and/or passed out during parties. They consider the woman’s vulnerability as their opportunity to make fun. It is always advisable for girls to avoid getting drunk in the first place, but when worse comes to worst, many things can happen. Being intoxicated and left alone in a room can attract a lot of unwanted predators—and almost always lead to the thing you don’t want to happen. 

But for this people, they just want to have fun. So from a fun party, they wanted to teach everyone on how to handle drunk girls. They wanted the fun to continue even if the girls are already drunk and asleep. It only shows that the party must go on even it was already over hours ago. Making this caught a lot of attention of the people in social media. Some got angry and other just laugh it out.

For others, girls should be respected. But often times girls are the one who causes their disrespectful experience. Them being drunk only open doors for them not to be respected. A girl should drink moderately but with the generation now, a lot of girls want to push their limits. They want to prove to other guys that they belong to the cool kids. They want to make a statement that girls are strong and they can also be like men.

There are a lot of drunk girls, one is The "I'm not even drunk" drunk girl. The drunker this drunk gets, the soberer she thinks she is. Another one is “The drunk whose life is over” this overly-emotional drunk will be sobbing hard the entire night. And there are those drunk girls who passed out the couch.

So instead of treating girls badly when they drunk, you might want to follow this guy who made the right moves in handling drunk girls. We all know that there are still guys who respect women.

They are the Gentlemen of this generation. They will never force you into the things that you don’t want to do. They may be few nowadays but they are still there.

This guy on the video help the drunk girl and made sure that she is comfortable on the couch. Other opportunists would do the opposite but this guy has the good intentions. Lucky for the girl she ended up on the guy's couch because if it was on another couch, she might be waking up to a regretful night of partying. 

Many people think that harassment involves force. Intoxicated women, on the other hand, have no strength to defend themselves. Engaging on it without consent is still harassment, with or without force.

Socialization is hard, Y'all. We’re all unlearning, relearning, deconstructing, and constructing meaning. We’re all trying to figure out how to be better people and work toward a healthier future.

That is to say: We’re all screwing up. But if there are a few easy, small things you can do to show more respect to a group that you hold social power over, then do them. We all have to start somewhere.

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