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Pinoy celebrities who had foreign blood.

Pinoy celebrities who had foreign blood.

While we wonder what famous people claim foreign blood, it’s clear that you have to go on self-reporting, for the most part. There are many actors and musicians whose foreign ancestry may be less obvious. It didn’t really occur to us to wonder where these people were from, or from whom they were descended, so their ethnicity isn’t shocking. We’d just never considered it.

When it comes to the movie industry, fans are crazy to the artists’ physical looks. Basically, Filipino as we are, we admire the mixed-raced beauty or that is something exotic or unique beauty. In our generation, some actors or actresses that we eventually hailed or idolized are not of pure blood but they have the heart of a Filipino. Here are some of the actresses and actors that have a foreign blood but also have a pure Filipino hearts.

1. Marian Rivera

The Filipina Spanish celebrity that wins the heart of GMA’s heartthrob Dingdong Dantes and a mother of beautiful baby Zia.

2. Jaclyn Jose

Her name in real life is Mary Jane Sta, Ana Guck, a Filipino veteran actress in the TV and movie industry. She was born on March 16, 1964, in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines and came from a German ancestry. She had a brief relationship with Mark Gil in which they had a daughter named Andi Eigenmann. Jaclyn was remembered for her unforgettable roles in the Filipino movies “Salome,” “White Slavery,” and “Santa Juana.” She was a very versatile and effective actress which had captured numerous awards in both local and international cinemas

3. Bea Alonzo

British – Filipino film and television actress, host and singer.

She is currently under the talent of ABS-CBN. She got her mestiza beauty from her father who is a British and I think her guts from her Filipina mother. Her parents are separated and she is the eldest of four siblings. Despite the hardships, Bea pursues her dream to be a superstar, she started her footstep to stardom when she joined the TV drama. Her dedications and passion to her work help her family and she successfully became one of the phenomenal actresses in the country.

4. Angelica Panganiban

She grew up in Quezon City with her mother but her father was Mark Charlson a US American Navy from Iowa, United States.She started her career early 90’s and she became a part of every childhood memories in the 90’s. Angelica received awards and nominations because of her outstanding performances in movies.

5. Jessy Mendiola

Mendiola was born in Dubai where her father used to work. She is the second of three siblings, of a Filipino mother and a half Lebanese, half British father. She was three years old when her mother moved and brought her and her elder sister, Pamela, to the Philippines. Her mother left her father due to his infidelity. Her younger sister, Megan, was born in Mexico where her parents reconciled but eventually separated again because of unknown reasons. She remains in contact with her father, who now works overseas as a marine anthropologist. She studied mass communication at Far Eastern University.

6. Liza Soberano

Her father is Filipino and her mother is an American when they got separated Liza moved to Manila to live with her father and relatives. She was offered jobs to model for print ads at the age of 12, she was part of the ABS CBN’s talent agency, Star Magic Circle 2013. She was known for her outstanding beauty and talent in acting. She has starred in the famous teleserye “ForeverMore” together with her leading man Enrique Gil

You can watch the video below:

7. Angelika Dela Cruz

Angelika Dela Cruz was born to a Filipino father Ernie Dela Cruz and an Italian-Austrian mother Angelica Egger. She has also a younger sister, Mika Dela Cruz, who is also an actress, and two brothers, Erick and Edward, one of the lead singers of the boy band "Freshmen" who passed away in a vehicular accident on 7 June 2010. She is currently the Chairwoman of Barangay Longos in Malabon.

8. Tom Rodriguez

Rodriguez is from Catbalogan City, Samar, and later migrated to the United States when he was 12 years old with his parents. He was born at Subic Naval Base in Zambales to an American serviceman father and a Filipina mother. He lived in Yuma, Arizona and attended Cibola High School. Then, the family migrated to San Francisco where he took up Digital Animation but found it hard to find a job there. Rodriguez is multi-lingual, able to fluently speak English, Tagalog, and Waray-Waray.

9. Sarah Lahbati

Sarah Alzol Lahbati is a Swiss-Filipino actress and reality show contestant who gained media attention as a finalist on the 5th season of StarStruck, a Philippine overall talent show broadcast on GMA Network.

10. Rhian Ramos

Rhian Ramos. The Filipina-Welsh Rhian stands out with her doe eyes, small face and sweet smile—charming facets that make her a joy to watch doing drama and comedy. Naturally witty and talented, the Genesis lead actress is beautiful even when goofing off.

11. Kim Domingo

Domingo was born and raised in Quezon City. Her father is French and her mother is a Filipina. She attended Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), majoring in dentistry.

12. Ejay Falcon

Falcon is of mixed ethnic background, as his biological father is of French descent, and his mother, a native of Province of Mindoro, Philippines. His last project was Guns and Roses in which he was paired on-screen with Empress Schuck. The show ended in September 2011 and the two say they are happy just being friends.

13. Julia Montes

Montes gained widespread recognition with her first significant role and breakthrough playing the mean and spoiled Clara del Valle in the remake of Mara Clara her first break as a child was when she started as a regular cast of the show “Goin Bulilit”.

Her Filipina mother raised her with her grandmother after they were left by her German father, Martin Schnittke. She recalls the struggles she and her grandmother went through. However, she said she never competed with anyone and was just in the entertainment industry out of needs. Describing her ambitions as a child, Montes has said, “Since I was a child, I only had three dreams: to become a soldier, a chef and a flight attendant.”

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