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"Humble Beginnings" 10 Filipino Celebrities And Their Jobs Before They Became Famous.

Before They Rose To Fame, This Is The Job Of Your Favorite Celebrities!

Celebrities, they're just like us! Or at least they used to be before they became some of our favourite icons. From Marian Rivera as a teacher to Coco Martin as a construction worker and a janitor these celebrities' first jobs were far from their current glamorous lives. Here are 10 celebrities who started off at the bottom before their talents paid off.

When you see your favourite celebrities on TV and in magazines, it's hard to believe they were ever just regular people working to get by. But even the brightest stars had to start somewhere before making it big! Whether you're a waitress, a cashier, or even a janitor, chances are that at least one of the famous faces you admire once worked a day job as crappy as yours.

Some were even in the process of training to enter long-term careers, such as law and teaching, when their big break came. The moral of the story? You might be stuck doing shifts at a burger joint right now, but you never know what opportunities lie ahead, so stay focused on your dreams. Find out what 10 stars were doing with their lives before they hit the screen below, and let us know which ones surprised you the most!

1. Marian Rivera

Before she was working as a special education teacher and she had a job at the National Institute of Mental Health. 

2. Coco Martin

He experienced a lot when it comes to his job, it’s like he almost tried all the jobs out there before he became famous. He worked as a construction worker and a janitor before he became an Indie Film actor.

3. Ai Ai Delas Alas

She used to be a saleslady at a department store. She made sure that she entertained all her customers. She always prepares something for the shoppers. Now is earned the title of Comedy Queen.

4. Richard Yap

He is a businessman up to now. He’s an owner of a popular fast food chain. He stars now with the new series with Jodie Santa Maria and Robin Padilla.

5. Jericho Rosales

He was once a fish vendor until he was discovered to be an actor. He is now loving his career. He loves surfing.

6. Piolo Pascual

He was an ER Representative in Los Angeles. Before he became popular he used to be a simple boy doing simple things. Now he has endorsements left and right.

7. Nora Aunor

She used to be a vendor, before, in a province in Bicol. Before she became the superstar she was selling candies and other stuff on the street.

8. Solenn Heussaff

She took a degree in makeup and fashion in Paris. Today, she’s already a model and an actress. She loves art and has a healthy lifestyle. She is now married to Nico.

9. Richard Gomez

Before he became famous he once worked as a service crew in McDonald’s. When he became famous he tried politics. Now he is happily married to Lucy Torres.

10. Jose Manalo

He used to work behind the camera until he was promoted to participate in the Eat Bulaga segments.

He also started from the bottom and now is one of the richest comedians in the Philippines.

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