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"Is she pregnant?" Anne Curtis' Craving Has Fans Speculating.

Anne Curtis Food Cravings Lead To People's Speculation.

Every one of us had experienced food cravings. This is the time when we are kind of having the feeling of eating something particular because we just had to. It is not something that we want or something we decide by our minds but it is the body who had a feeling of eating a certain kind of food. These cravings are often reflected and may lead us to eat those kinds of things and when you eat it, you'll feel satisfied and energetic.

This is common to almost everyone and people are always out there to satisfy their cravings but there are times that cravings are unusual and specific that people may speculate that that woman is pregnant. It is called "Paglilihi" and it is said by people that when women are pregnant they are meticulous in certain kind of food and they want to eat it because the baby wants it. When women are like these, their husbands will search for that kind of food and provide it for their wives. But have you ever heard of a famous star who vent out her cravings on social media? Apparently, there is one famous celeb and she is now making a buzz on social media. People were quite surprised and they are all speculating that she is now pregnant.

A video is now going viral all over social media after the YouTube channel "Mr. Tsismoso" featured the phenomenal actress and TV Host, Anne Curtis. We all know that the actress is really famous all over the country for she is one of the prominent celebrities now in the showbiz industry.

Likewise, her husband Erwan Heussaff has been one of the famous chef and businessman in the country and many people admire him for the Vlogs that he is making. With all these in mind, the two were followed by many on social media and were always excited about updates in their relationship.

As fans and supporters, we are always happy whenever we receive updates about their love life and yes we are also happy to hear of a newly wedded couple is planning to start a family. It is a beautiful thing to witness that's why when signs of it are brought on social media people are all excited and it can become a huge topic online.

Recently, the actress posted on Twitter her cravings for food specifically Bananas. She wanted the Banana called "Turon", "Bananacue", and as well as "Maruya". These are famous Filipino dishes that involved bananas.

She also captioned her post that she really miss the times that these foods are really cheap and it is easy to get. But now she having a hard time to find those things and she tags her husband to ask him to prepare that food for her.

We all know that Erwan is a great chef and it is not every day that Anne is venting out their cravings. Now, people are speculating that they find it unusual for Anne to do that and they have speculated that Anne could be pregnant because she is in the phase "conception".

A post shared by Erwan Heussaff (@erwan) on

A post shared by Erwan Heussaff (@erwan) on

A post shared by Erwan Heussaff (@erwan) on

A post shared by Erwan Heussaff (@erwan) on

The post went massive on social media and people are now giving their comments and sentiments on the video. People are all asking weird questions on Anne while all of her fans are happy for her and her upcoming baby though it is not yet confirmed.

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