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The Reason Why Harassment And Abuse Cases Are Ascending In Our Society.

The Reason Why Harassment And Abuse Cases Are Ascending In Our Society.

Abuse and harassment of women are now rampant in our modern society. This entails the increasing number of men committing such crime and how the victims are increasing. With the increase of these cases, there is also an increase of women who are not just physically abused but also psychologically violated and harder for them to cope up and function as a normal human being in our society. Apparently, experts are always studying as to what is the reason why the numbers are increasing and why do men would engage in such acts.

This is a huge topic on the internet and as well as a very controversial one. A lot of people have a different kind of perspective when it comes to these things but most of them boil down to "Victim Blaming". It is a time wherein the victim is partially at fault or at fault as to why the danger befell on them and most of the time people are using this method to point out that it is the reason why women are being harassed and abused by men. Most of the time it is because of their looks, the way they dress and the way they speak to men and it would lead to men abusing and harassing them.

But a feminist group in Malaysia called the "The Malaysian Feminist" speaks up about the increasing number of abuse and harassment of women in the world. They stood up and speak out that victim blaming is not justifiable and it only encourages men to do the crime because they could just walk away from it.

They told a short story about people who are blaming the victim because of what they wear and when they wear jeans and shirts they still get abused and harassed. After covering themselves with much more coverage in the skin, abuse and harassment still happen and it is still because the victim is at fault.

At the end, TMF has said that it was not the victim's fault and there will be no solution if we continue to blame the women for the crime that men have committed. It is like encouraging men to do it instead of sending them to jail and purge the thinking of doing the crime.

It is also accompanied by a series of photos of women wearing short skirts and tight blouses while riding the MRT Train. They also posted the screenshots of comments from people who are apparently blaming the young women about what they are wearing.

The message is really concise and it had an impact on many people especially women who are really firm in their convictions in defending their fellow women who have been harassed and abused. It immediately gained the attention of many people on social media and they are now talking about it all over.

People are now giving their comments and sentiments on the matter and sparked a huge debate on the page of the Malaysian Feminist group. Though it was a controversial issue, it is really healthy to give out your thoughts on these things because it is for sure that it will be a huge help for others to know what you are thinking about these things.

The post went massive on social media and they are widely spreading it on the internet. People are hopeful that the message will be spread and might help others to be aware of the ascending number of abuse cases in the world.

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