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Ellen Adarna Deactivates Her Instagram Account After Posting In IG Story About Letting Go.

Ellen Adarna Deactivates Her Instagram Account After Posting In IG Story About Letting Go.

There are times that romantic relationships can become too complicated. This is because being in a serious romantic relationship is not an easy thing to handle and you need to adjust in the unique characteristics and your differences with your partner. It is really so much of a headache when you think about this things especially when the two of you are having a rough time together. From having time with one another to the past relationships that you had, couples are always fighting because either they want to understand each other even more or just to point out their mistakes and differences.

This is common to many couples whether it is normal folks like us or famous people like celebrities. Things can be so complicated at times that it troubles the other from your past and lead to a huge misunderstanding. Sometimes when things are patched up, your partner may have a bad blood with your ex and started to instigate or provoke them. This is sometimes seen with famous celebrities and most of the time people are always talking about it all over social media. Just like what recently happened with the phenomenal star Ellen Adarna. She's been making a buzz all over social media after people saw her post on her Instagram stories. It became huge after and people are now talking about it all over social media.

A video report is now going viral all over social media after a news website called "Fashion Pulis" featured the phenomenal actress Ellen Adarna. We all know that the actress is really famous all over the country and she has been admired and looked up to by many people.

She did well on many successful projects and advertisements and she has been one of the prettiest faces in the showbiz industry. People are always fascinated by her and in everything that she does. Likewise, her boyfriend, the superstar actor John Lloyd Cruz. He did quite well on many projects and he became one of the greatest stars of his time.

With all these in mind, people have been looking up to them and have been following them ever since. But recently, the actress has been making a buzz on social media after they saw a series of IG story posts from her. People were shocked by what she did and they are now giving their thoughts about it.

We can remember that Angelica Panganiban recently promoted a new book called "Para kay Ex" and she is also the ex-girlfriend of John Lloyd Cruz. People are now speculating that the IG Stories of Ellen is meant for the promotion of the actress Angelica.

In the posts, you will see a scene about "letting go", the pictures say that it's really hard to let go and we just accept that its part of life. The post immediately gained the attention of many people and they are now giving their thoughts on what Ellen Adarna did.

Fans of Angelica and Ellen, are all debating about the issue and they were all clashing their ideas and thoughts about their favourite celebrities. They were all saying that JLC is now happy with Ellen and the ex should have moved on with her life. 

It became a huge issue and people started to flood Ellen's posts. But later on, the actress decided to deactivate her account and people were wondering as to why she would do that to her account. People were left speculating and they are still talking about it all over social media.

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