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John Lloyd Cruz Says He Will Be Leaving Showbiz For Good.

John Lloyd Cruz Says He Will Be Leaving Showbiz For Good.

The social media is so massive right now that it becomes a powerful tool to gain information anywhere and anytime. Yes, people can now easily gain information and updates to the current happenings in the country. As fans and supporters, this is a great thing for us because we can easily know what is happening with our favourite celebrities just by looking at their social media accounts and pages. We can get to know them more, their current lifestyle, their hobbies, the people they cherish, and as well as the juicy updates when it comes to their careers and love life. 

But with all these fast-paced cultures that we have, celebrities tend to have a hard time because they are always in the limelight. One update, whether it was a photo, video, or status, it can easily become a huge topic on social media because everyone's eyes are on them. This is the main reason why celebrities today remains silent and very discreet when it comes to their personal matters. But there are times that we encounter this kind of updates and it always makes us so happy. Just like what recently happened with the superstar actor, John Lloyd Cruz. He's been making a buzz all over social media after people have seen what his girlfriend Ellen Adarna updated about his career. People were surprised and they are now going on about it all over social media.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "Showbiz Issue" featured the phenomenal actor, John Lloyd Cruz and his girlfriend and actress, Ellen Adarna. We all know that the actor John Lloyd is really famous all over the country because of his great skills, amazing charm, and incredible good looks.

Likewise, with his girlfriend and supermodel Ellen Adarna, she is super popular all over the country and was admired by many people because of her dazzling beauty and amazing body physique. With all these in mind, the couple is really sensational and a lot of people have been following them both online and as well as in real life.

We can remember that Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz are getting serious about their relationship and the actor decided to leave showbiz for a while and focus on his life and relationship. After leaving the showbiz industry, the actor was seen in the hometown of the actress Ellen Adarna. It is also rumoured that the actress is pregnant and John Lloyd is taking his game to the next level.

Now, the actor has been making a buzz all over social media after people have heard from Ellen that her boyfriend John Lloyd will leave the showbiz for good and he will not return in the limelight.

According to one showbiz personality from TNT, he had a chance to get on the same flight with the actor JLC and Ellen to Cebu.

He asked the actress if John Lloyd Cruz still had plans to return to showbiz but the actress responded that the actor will not go back to showbiz. Now, a lot of fans are kind of disappointed and the report gains attention on social media.

The video went viral all over and people are now giving their comments and sentiments on the matter. People are still wishing that the actor will go back to the limelight and they will still remain firm on their support.

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Source: ABS-CBN | Inquirer


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