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People Calls For Suspension Of Karla Estrada After The Interview She Had With Chokoleit In Magandang Buhay.

People Calls For Suspension Of Karla Estrada After The Interview She Had With Chokoleit In Magandang Buhay.

There are times that TV personalities and social media personalities are the centers of the attention of people on social media because of the things they have said in a video or on Air. Because they are always on the limelight, a lot of people can hear the things they have saying and the things they have been doing and as usual, people will say anything they want against them whenever they were displeased of the things they are doing. This is the reason why celebrities are always mindful and careful of the things they are going to say and the actions that they are about to do while on camera.

As fans and supporters, we can only give love and support to our favorite celebrities but we cannot control how people will react to seeing the things they've done. This is because the internet is very open when it comes to people's opinions and criticisms and we cannot do anything about it once it is out on social media. Just like what recently happened with the phenomenal TV Personality, Karla Estrada. She's been making a buzz all over social media after people saw the interview she had with Chokoleit and Pokwang's Husband Lee. People are now reacting to it and they are going on about it all over cyberspace.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "ABS-CBN Entertainment" featured the actress and TV Host, Karla Estrada. We all know that the TV host is really famous all over the country because of her great talent and influence in the showbiz industry.

With all these in mind, we all know that many people are following her and watching her both online and as well as in real life. She is also a woman of great influence because the multitude of people watching her all day. But given this huge audience, this also means a lot of critics when it comes to the things she has done on TV.

Apparently, the actress has been making a buzz on social media after people saw the interview that she had with the comedian Chokoleit and Pokwang's Husband Lee O'Brien. We all know that Pokwang recently gave birth to her baby girl "Malia" and they have invited them to attend the show.

But Pokwang couldn't attend, so her husband Lee and friend Chokoleit attended in her place. You can see in the interview that they are having fun and they were all telling the experience of having a beautiful baby Malia and how wonderful it is to witness the new life that was brought to the world.

During the interview, the people noticed that Karla is giving remarks to the comedian Chokoleit and some people find it inappropriate. It immediately gained the attention of many people on social media and people are giving their sentiments on the video.

They were protesting that the TV Host Karla is sometimes out of the line when it comes to her segues and comments on the interview. Some defended Karla and were firm on their support on the show in spite the negative comments that are dealt on the video.

Now, people are protesting against her and people are saying that Karla Estrada should be suspended in the show. People are also telling the broadcasting network that there are many TV Hosts that are available and are way better when it comes to treating guests in their show. 

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  1. I was very confuse about Karla's relationship to the comedian Chokoleit. I am think there were friend and as friend they can rude to each others. That's why when I watch the episode I didn't noticed the rudeness. Thank you for your Articles. I wished I could wrote better like you in the future.