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Kate Upton accidentally fell off rock during a sports illustrated photoshoot.

Kate Upton Swept Off Rock During Sports Illustrated Photoshoot.

When you're on holiday, it's best to take pictures away from the crashing waves. One female model has learned a harsh lesson when it comes to photography backdrops. In a photo shoot for a sports magazine, this famous model didn't think twice when it came to posing for a picture next to the sea. But standing a little too close to the crashing waves caused a rather embarrassing public incident. The last thing you want when you're posing for a picture in a swimwear is to be smashed in the back by a huge wave.

Katherine Elizabeth Upton is an American model and actress, known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Upton was named Rookie of the Year following her first appearance in 2011 and was the cover model for 2012, 2013 and 2017 issues. She was also the subject of the 100th-anniversary Vanity Fair cover. Upton has also appeared in the films Tower Heist, the Layover and The Other Woman.

Upton was born in St. Joseph, Michigan. She is the daughter of Shelley, a former Texas state tennis champion, and Jeff Upton, a high school athletics director. Her uncle is U.S. Representative Fred Upton. Upton's great-grandfather, Frederick Upton, was a co-founder of appliance manufacturer and marketer of Whirlpool Corporation. In 1999, Upton moved with her family to Melbourne, Florida, where she was a student at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy.

Being a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model is many things: empowering, gratifying, exhilarating...and a little bit dangerous? Well, at least if you're Kate Upton. Last year's cover model hit the beaches of Aruba to get some stunning shots for the 2018 issue of the magazine, and things got a little, shall we say, rocky.

Picture this: Kate hitting every pose flawlessly on top of a giant rock in the middle of gorgeous, turquoise waters. The ultimate hero shot. Sounds great, right? Kate thought so too. That is until she got comfortable and didn't anticipate the power of one particular wave.

"I really saw the vision for the photo, but as I climbed on the rock I did look down and was like 'this is going to end badly,'" she said. In 2017, Upton starred with Alexandra Daddario in The Layover, a road trip comedy directed by William H. Macy. The film follows two best friends on vacation as they fight over the same man during a layover in St. Louis. Also that year, Upton appeared in James Franco's film adaptation of The Disaster Artist, about the production of the film The Room.

Kate, who was so comfortable with the idea, putting her best facial expression and pose, took her eyes off the water, she didn't realize a huge wave was sneaking up on her. Posing and ready for the picture to be taken, she turns to face the photographer. What she doesn't realize - but as viewers of a well-timed video, we can see - is that the wave approaching is big enough to knock her down. As the wave hits, it takes Kate out by pushing her off the rocks.

Cue the giant wave scene. One second Kate was serving us some serious looks, and the next she was literally taking a tumble down into the water below. OK, NOBODY PANIC. After quite the spill, Kate resurfaced, unharmed, with the biggest smile on her face. Whew! "I felt like I was laughing in the face of death," she said.

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A post shared by Kate Upton (@kateupton) on

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Have we mentioned that we love her? "Looking back, that probably should have been a moment when we photoshopped me on there," Kate joked. But come on, who needs Photoshop when your model is so damn fearless? 

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