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Kuya Teddy

He Bought The World’s Largest Teddy Bear Only To Fill It With Explosives And Watch It Explode.

By no means is it a piece of cake, but making a living on YouTube is possibly one of the most fun careers imaginable. Everything from fashion accessories to kiddie toy reviews is part of a lucrative, multi-billion dollar industry whose bread and butter is advertising revenue. The most important thing you’ll need for a successful YouTube channel is probably something you already have — an understanding of who your audience is and what kinds of things they find valuable.

Video content can help your branding efforts and show off your business expertise; but it’s also a great way to entertain, educate, and connect with people. Before you do anything, you need to figure out what you’re hoping to get out of building a presence on YouTube. This will help you decide what type of videos you want to create and define the right audience for your content.

So when a Vlogger uploaded a video only a lot of people got crazy about it! In fact, it was one of the craziest experiments done by a YouTube vlogger. This experiment involves the world’s largest teddy bear that this man bought not to play with it, but to destroy it! A certain YouTube channel called ‘What’s Inside?’ that specializes videos that somehow expose whatever it is that’s inside everything, has previously posted a video that showed where their curiosity led them.

Having a goal in mind from the start means you’ll be creating content that your audience will want to subscribe to, bookmark, and share with a friend or colleague. If you focus on content that is useful to your audience, your viewers will see you as a trusted resource for information.

The team posted a video wherein they showed what’s really inside the world’s largest teddy bear. First, they bought the largest teddy bear that they can find. Then demonstrates to everyone that it can be cuddled and that it’s just like an ordinary teddy bear but big! But instead of just cuddling the bear, they wanted to find out what’s inside.

They filmed the video on top of the mountain with the teddy bear. After a few minutes of narrating on what will they do, they put a knife and started stabbing the poor teddy bear to open its stomach and see what’s inside. Of course, the insides were cotton, they took out everything and even tried to wear the stuffed toy and act like the bear itself. Then they got tired and decided to put back the cotton and also added something. You have to watch the video below!

This is the fun part of creating a video! You gather up all the equipment you have and go shoot some video footage. Even if you’re only working on your smartphone, you can still make a really great video as long as it’s useful.

Remember to be confident and have fun. Great videos always have good energy; if you’re not having fun making the video, your audience probably won’t have fun watching it.

People always want to know the secret of how to make videos go viral, but what they should really be asking is: what will make people want to share this? It’s powerful when you have content that people want to share because it allows others to learn about your charity from those they trust most – and it means those advocates are doing your job for you of spreading the word.

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