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Kylie Padilla Expresses Her Sentiments On The Negative Things Happening Around Her.

Kylie Padilla Expresses Her Sentiments On The Negative Things Happening Around Her.

One of the main challenges that a celebrity is always facing is a lot of criticisms dealt by others. Yes, because they are always in the limelight, celebrities are always being judged and criticized by others. The life they have is an open book and people can easily get to know and barge in their life. Especially in our modern day and age where news can easily spread because of the advanced applications and social media that we have.

As fans and supporters, we can only give love and support to the tough challenges that our favorite celebrities are facing but we cannot control what might happen and what others might say about them especially when their situation is uncommon to what norm our society holds. Just like what recently happened with the phenomenal star, Kylie Padilla. She's been making a buzz on social media after people saw a post from her Instagram Stories. People were shocked by what they saw and a lot of speculations are being made by people. It is now circulating online and they are now talking about it all over cyberspace.

An Instagram story is now going viral all over social media after the broadcasting website called "GMA Network" featured the Kapuso star, Kylie Padilla. We all know that the actress is really popular all over the country because people are admiring her amazing skills and astounding beauty.

She did quite well on many projects and advertisements and many people have followed her both online and as well as in real life. She is also the daughter of the superstar idol Robin Padilla and the girlfriend of Aljur Abrenica. We can remember that the couple already had a son and they named him Baby Alas Joaquin.

But because of the controversial relationship that Aljur and Kylie had a lot of speculations and rumors are going around about them especially when it comes to her father Robin Padilla. We can remember that Robin Padilla is advising the couple to get married first before starting a family and still encouraging them to get married up until today.

Robin is a really pious man and he wants his children to follow the norm of getting married for the very reason that it is sacred and also legal. Yet, Kylie and Aljur go on with their relationship without getting the blessing of Kylie's Father.

Now, amidst all the speculations and rumors, a lot of negative things are circulating about the actress, her boyfriend, and her father. In her Instagram story, she posted a cryptic message about respect, honor, and dignity of humanity. 

It is also about people making mistakes, learning from it, and growing to be a much more stronger person from who she was before. It is a lengthy IG post but the message is firm and clear. It immediately gained the attention of many people on social media and speculations grew even more.

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It was also reported that Robin got angry in one of his interviews when a reporter asked him about Aljur. People have speculated that this cryptic message is about Kylie's Father and it is her response to the said anger that he burst out on the interview.

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