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Man shares his first-time experience with her girlfriend.

Man shares his first-time experience with her girlfriend.

There are many romantic stories on the internet most of the time these things are viral because many people can relate to their stories and as well as inspired because of the sweetness and excitement that these stories bring. Yes, who wouldn't be excited about two people falling in love and venturing out to get to know more about each other even more. This is one of the reasons why people are so into such stories and also why these stories are viral on the internet. People want to read these things for them to be inspired and can dream of the love that they want in their life.

But there are times that we hear stories from people with weird experiences with their partners. Not everything can go well from different people, some may go well and remain strong while others may become complicated because of the many mistakes that they make. This is true to many people and there are also circumstances that people are embarrassed by such things but still, they send it to the radio station for people to hear about their experiences. 

Just like what recently happened with this new couple. They have been making a buzz all over social media after people heard their stories about being intimate with one another. People are now going crazy about it and couldn't believe what happened between them.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a Facebook page "YES The Best Manila" featured a couple who have sent their story to the radio station. Apparently, this couple is now becoming a sensation on social media because of their surprising story.

The story goes like this, the man had a girlfriend and both of them are just the first time in being in a romantic relationship. They were happy together and their relationship means the world to them. But like with many couples out there, they have become curious about themselves and have tested each other out for the first time.

Little did they know that a tragic thing is about to happen and it made many people surprised. So, they decided to be intimate with each other but before that, they drink first so that they would gain the courage to seal the deal.

That moment the couple were both nervous but as well as excited because this is their first time in doing the deed. The guy asked his girlfriend to do it first with him and while the girlfriend has taken his package in her mouth it was devastating.

The guy screamed and he was hurting. It left bruises and wounds to his Tweety and apparently the excitement stops. After that, the guy went home and took care of the wound. While cleaning the wound, his sibling caught him and because he saw blood in the restroom, the younger sibling told it to their dad.

The dad was furious and he forced him to tell the whole story because he was nervous that he son might be having a disease. After hearing the story, the dad calmed down and advised his son to clean it very carefully and affirmed him that he did a great job and his allowance will be increased.

The video went massive on social media and people are now going crazy about their story. People are now giving their comments and sentiments about it all over social media.

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