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Maja Salvador's Funny Moment With Flight Attendant Surprises Many On Social Media.

Maja Salvador's  Funny Moment With Flight Attendant Surprises Many On Social Media.

Many of us would probably agree that a life of a celebrity is indeed hard. From the busy schedules that they need to attend to the things that they need to do for their fans, celebrities often had a hard time because they lack personal space and people are always barging in their lives. Everyone's eyes are on them and their lives are like an open book and people are often giving out their criticism and judgment on them. This is the reason why celebrities are always mindful of the things that they doing and saying whether it was in front of the camera or off the camera. 

One thing can easily become a huge topic on social media and as fans, we can only give love and support to them amidst what's happening with their lives. This is common to a lot of celebrities especially now that the internet and social media is very open to a lot of people. Just like what recently happened with the phenomenal star, Maja Salvador. She's been making a buzz all over social media after people saw a video of her in one of her plane flights. People are surprised about it and they are now talking about it widely on social media.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "The Pinoy Channel" featured the actress Maja Salvador. We all know that the actress is one of the most prominent celebrities in the showbiz industry today. She is being admired and followed by many because of her dazzling beauty, intense acting skills, and amazing charisma.

She is doing quite well right now in her career especially right now that she just finished a huge TV Series called the Wild Flower. The actress is really popular and many people in the showbiz industry have known her to be one of the best and have a deep admiration and respect for her.

With all these in mind, Maja is really followed by her fans and all are waiting for her updates. But recently, the actress is making a buzz on social media after people saw a video of her on social media. They were quite surprised of what the actress did in the video and they are now talking about it on social media.

In the video, you will see that the actress is preparing for a flight. We all know that there are safety measures in the flight and flight attendants are always there to make sure that passengers comply with the safety measures and regulations of the airplane.

But out of all people on the flight, the actress was noticed by the flight attendant and she was approached by her. This is because the actress didn't follow the instructions when it comes to her handbag. The attendant politely asked the actress to put the handbag on her chair but then the actress was hesitant and gave a reply which surprised many.

She said, "Paano kung ayaw?" and she gave a stunning "Ivy Aguas" look on the flight attendant. Though the one filming the video is taking it as a joke but it immediately gained the attention of people on social media. 

People are saying that the inner Ivy Aguas just came out while some are lauding the actress for doing such a hilarious video. Others have said that if it was really serious it would really demean the actress' image. 

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