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Man Finds Out His Girlfriend Is Cheating On Him After She Sent Him This Photo.

Man Finds Out His Girlfriend Is Cheating On Him After She Sent Him This Photo.

Man, we really feel for you, discovering you’ve got a cheating girlfriend. Imagine your stomach feels like it just got ripped clean out. It’s a truly horrible situation to be in. The thing is, it’s already happened. She already did it. But on how you found out, that is the story that you will remember for ages!

There’s no escaping or hiding from the fact that you have been cheated. And that’s why now, you’re gonna need a plan for how to proceed from here. Because currently your head is all over the place and you’re not sure whether you should try to stop your girlfriend cheating, dump her, or just sort of do nothing and hope she stops, letting it drift into the past.

Photos of a couple’s text conversation have been circulating the social media. Their conversation started sweet and steamy. But when the guy realized something in the photo, their text messages took a huge turn. The girl’s name is Jackie, the guy saw something in the photo Jackie sent and asked her if she was alone. 

Jackie replied that she was alone until the guy asked for her room number. The guy called the hotel and checked under whose name was the room registered. And when he found out that the room is under his girlfriend boss’s name and that his girlfriend is on a trip with her boss, he instantly dumps his girlfriend through text, he even told her that all her clothes are going to be in a bag when she gets back home.

There's nothing more crushing than finding out someone is cheating on you. It's the end of everything: a relationship you thought was going well, all that time and hard work you put in to make it work, and all your self-confidence and the ability to trust people. Gone in an instant, through no fault of your own. Worst of all, it almost always comes as a complete shock.

One of the only things worse than being cheated on is not knowing if it’s happening or not. Going back and forth, accusing your partner and then accusing yourself, thinking you’ve spotted it and then thinking you’re crazy: it’s not just hurtful, it’s humiliating. And it can feel like it’ll go on forever. The only way to know where you stand is to know the truth.

If the evidence is there, don’t ignore it, but you’ll have to let her either slip up or give her some space and look for signs she’s cheating elsewhere. Knowing how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating can take a bit of detective work, especially if you want to take the high moral road and avoid invading her privacy. For the guy in this article, he never thought that Jackie would be cheating but he caught her nevertheless.

But regardless, whether you see her acting out in any of the signs or not, the fact you are looking so closely suggests you’re relationship needs work. There’s a lack of trust between you and enough emotional distance that a cheating girlfriend seems a realistic possibility.

So, whether she’s strayed, thinking about it, or simply not focused on the partnership enough, there’s a problem, and it’s time to start fixing it or getting ready to get out. Always remember that time heals all wounds and that this too will pass.

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