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Man sees his girlfriend loyalty by sending her to a yoga instructor.

Man sees his girlfriend loyalty by sending her to a yoga instructor.

It is very important to trust your partner when you are in a relationship. But, sometimes things force you to check the credibility of your partner which makes you desperate to know the colours of your partner. A boy who is anyway on the verge of breaking up wanted to check for one last time whether she will remain faithful. He collaborated with a group to find out about his girlfriend. 

Peter wants to dump his girlfriend because he thinks she's out of shape, but because he can't use this reason to end the relationship, he tries to get her to cheat with another man, a fitness instructor - who actually happens to be very handsome by the way. When you're jacked like an NFL player with massive biceps and a pumped-up chest, odds are your girl is going to cheat on you. But this fact was lost on young Peter here and he decided to choose a handsome man to try baiting his girl.

Without further ado, our charming trainer begins his seduction moves on the 'overweight' girlfriend - he first begins by offering the girl a few 'pointers' on bicep training, she begins to dance to his tune without any hesitation. We don't know if you could call it that - let's just for the sake of argument pretend that this is a legitimate exercise move - but the trainer gets the girl bending over a 90° angle, and then grabs her by the hips from behind, all in the name of helping her apparently.

If the girl wanted to remain loyal to Peter, she would have swiftly turned around and given the brooding man a five across the face. But she didn't mind it much. In fact, she overarched her back to give the poor man some extra spacing to 'feel her up' some more. 

Alright, time to take her to the yoga room and teach her some more moves about 'stretching' and 'fitness'. What better way to get intimate with a complete stranger than to teach them about stretching exercises? Go ahead and teach her the downward dog while Peter watches in agony... he deserves it after all. Since the girl shows absolutely no objection and is as obedient as a puppet in a box, the dude takes it one step forward. Massaging *cough touching cough* her in inappropriate places so that her muscles may soothe after a tough workout.

The guy was expecting to catch her 'in the act' just so he could break up with her, but Peter is enraging at the sight of his plans going to fruition. "They're doing it in clothes", acknowledges Peter. You practically baited her to get down and dirty with another man. The fact that she's going through with this at all probably means she wants to escape out of this relationship as much as you do.

You can watch the video below:

Slap her right in the fanny. The aggressive move displays the alpha male's desire to bed the charming damsel. Is there any better way of conveying your raw, visceral feelings towards a potential mate? Yes. Getting her number at the end of the workout. 

“But I have a boyfriend", the girl's meek bit of warning to the hulking trainer. "That's okay, but he shouldn't hang out when we're together." Acknowledges the trainer. Peter, they have hit it off man. And your own plan has you roiling in rage and tears.

That's the best way to seal the deal these days. Adding someone on Snapchat. The fact that his girlfriend was game enough for another man seems to make him desire her again. Or should we call her his 'ex'? At this point, Peter's worst fears have come true. The love of his life who he wanted to dump just a few minutes ago has now ended up in someone else's arms.

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