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Yassi Pressman Disguises Herself And Gave Free Hugs For Third Wheel People On Valentines.

Yassi Pressman Disguises Herself And Gave Free Hugs For Third Wheel People On Valentines.

Valentines Day is a day where you celebrate the love you have with your partners. We can see it in many posts, from the romantic dates, beautiful gifts, and amazing surprises that couple do to their partners. This is common to couples and we are happy for them but there are also single people out there who cannot celebrate the Valentines day because they do not have partners to celebrate it with. Yes, so what do these people do? They go out with their friends who are couples and they become the "third wheel".

So what is a third wheel? It's basically a person who is with a couple and were with them listening to their cheesy stories, romantic dates, and as well as to see their love for one another. They can either love the couple because of their love for each other or feel bitter because of what they are seeing that they do not have. This is very common to single people especially on Valentine's day and a movie about it has become a hit during this Valentines. Now, the main character of the movie, Yassi Pressman, showed love and respect and did something to the single people out there and they are talking about it on social media.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "The Pinoy Channel" featured the actress, Yassi Pressman. We all know that the actress is really famous right now all over the country and she has been one of the prominent young actresses in the showbiz industry. 

She is doing quite well in her career especially right now because she recently launched a movie called "Ang Third Wheel ng Bayan". She is really talented and many people admired her for great skills in acting and as well as in dancing. She is also famous and many have followed her because of her dazzling beauty and amazing body physique.

Recently, the actress is going viral all over social media after people saw a video of her in a certain LRT station. People were surprised about it and she is now been talked about all over social media.

In the video, you will see that the actress is in disguise and she is wearing a signboard saying that she is the third wheel and she will give free hugs to those who are the third wheel this Valentine's day. Many single people showed love to her and she showered them back with hugs and kisses.

But little did these people know that the one they are hugging is the famous celebrity, Yassi Pressman. It was a heartwarming video and many people are touched by what she did. They were so surprised because Yassi did these to people who are going through rough times this Valentines.

The video immediately gained the attention of many on social media and they are now giving their sentiments on the video. They were all lauding the actress for doing a great job and for sharing love with the Third wheel people this valentines day.

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She is not just some beautiful celebrity, indeed, Yassi Pressman is a true beauty and also she has a huge heart. 

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