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Carlo Aquino Had Been Teasing Angelica Panganiban About Her Tweets.

Carlo Aquino Had Been Teasing Angelica Panganiban About Her Tweets.

There are a lot of couples who choose to end up their relationship because of certain reasons and because of their differences in life. Even though two persons are really compatible with each other, there is still some difference that is very evident that sometimes causes the breakup and the reason for them to end up their relationship. But then destiny has her own timetable and makes sure that if two people are really meant to be, they will end up together for the second time because love is always sweeter the second time around. Though there are some who did not really get back to each other. But they still remained as friends.

It is better that way than to discard the relationship you had before you even entered into a romantic relationship. It’s really better that way than to forget about everything that they had been through and what they had shared in life. Whether it was hard and painful for you to remember, you should keep those memories in your mind to remember the things you had been through and the things you learned through all those experiences. Those experiences and memories are to be treasured.

Sometimes ex-couples did not really have a good way of parting ways, yet there are some who really wanted to treasure their past that they had and chose to be in good terms as friends. To continue the things that they already had and to continue to share more memories together. 

When he was asked about the past that they had and how they broke up, he revealed that he was the one who initiated the breakup and stressed that there was no third party involved, it was purely their lack in time. "Isa rin 'yon kasi nagtuloy-tuloy din ang projects na ibinibigay sa akin. Paminsan hindi ako nakakauwi or kapag nasa bahay ako, siya naman ang wala," he said.

When he was also asked if he’s ready to reconcile with her ex girlfriend, Angelica Panganiban, he said, "Totoo naman na masyado pang maaga. Kaya nga sinasabi ko rin na hindi ko sinasarado ang possibility. Pero as of now, magpapagaling muna ako.”

He recently has ended his relationship with his long-term girlfriend and he said that he still needs to heal himself before he even entered into a relationship.

He also revealed that Angelica is very special to him, he said, "Ever since naman, very special siya. Katulad ng sinabi ko, hindi 'yon mawawala. Katulad ng sinabi niya, magkasabay kaming lumalaki. Naging magkaibigan muna kami, 'yung ganoon, so sobrang special siya sa akin.”

Recently, Angelica is making a buzz on the internet when she tweeted, “Wala kayo sa EX ko.” Wherein she did that to share about ABS CBN publishing. Her tweet was linked to her recent Instagram post wherein she had captioned it as, wrote: “Talagang wala kayo sa ex ko kasi ang galing niyang artist. Sa sobrang galing niya ha, eto, nai-drawing niya ang relasyon namin!”

We all know that Carlo and Angelica are very playful, Carlo jumped into a fun comment that reads, “Ah… uuhhmm sinong Ex?” Angelica being playful replied on his comment, “Haha! Sige, ikaw.” Their exchange of tweets made their fans excited on what would happen between the two of them.

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