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Maraming Namangha Sa Lalaki Na Ito Ng Sabihin Niya To Sa Kausap Niyang Babae Online "Unfriend mo na ko, magagalit GF ko”.

Nowadays, relationships are so much different from the way they used to be. Men have evolved from the custom of chivalry and women have become more independent than what they have been in the past.

More than that, our generation now seems to view relationship in a rather different context. Sad to say, the entire process has become more of an experiment and much less of a commitment. Some even say that relationships now are like business deals that when it doesn’t benefit you, you cut it out. Truly, we live in a radically different time.

Normally, a guy would date a girl that he is attracted to. He will take her out, and from there, see if she’s someone he wants to pursue. Others watch out for the “red flags”, and then from there, he decides. Now when that happens, the ball is on the girl if she, on the other hand, wants to be committed to the guy, or as what most girls would say now, “see other options.” If you look at it, it’s way more different than the old times.

During the earlier times, when a man lays his eyes on the woman he wants to pursue, he courts her and then eventually asks her hand in marriage. No beating around the bush, no seeing things through, trying things out and what not, he commits himself to her and vice versa.

How did we go from a world like that to the current one we live in?

In our present times, relationships are more famously known as “dating”. Hookups are also very popular, and an encounter with a guy who acts like a true gentleman is not as common as before. It is also rare to find a man who’s a hundred percent loyal to his partner. Most of the guys now regard eyeing or even flirting with other girls as a normal thing.


Even sleeping with someone has become a casual thing as well. Apart from that, being with someone has been a trend. Other people date just to be in a relationship and a lot of them don’t even take things seriously.

That is why it’s such a gem to find a man, who knows how to treats his partner well, someone who genuinely cares about her and commits himself to her with true loyalty and fidelity.

A conversation between this guy and a girl who he’s friends with on Facebook went trending. In the messages, you will find the guy talking to this girl politely, telling her that he added her on his account way before. He asked her in a nice way if she could “un-friend” him because his girlfriend might see that he’s adding other girls and might take it the wrong way. He patiently explained to her that just doesn’t want to upset her.

Fortunately, the girl was gracious and understanding of his situation and agreed to his request. She even commended him for what he did and told him that his girlfriend is very lucky to have her.

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A post shared by Relationship Goals 💏 (@_couple__goals) on

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