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Mark Bautista Reveals Having A Relationship With A Male Actor.

Mark Bautista Reveals Having A Relationship With A Male Actor.

It's really hard to remember the past relationship you had especially when these things can remind you the hurts, pain, and sacrifices you made. Yes, it is even harder to talk about because we are reminded of the dark past that we cannot even move on. Sometimes when these things are brought out from your heart, it is really surprising and as well as devastating. But when someone is telling stories about their past relationship, it means that he or she is on the phase of moving on or he has already moved on from the painful things that the past relationship had brought.

This is common to many people but too famous people like celebrities and showbiz personalities, it's quite different. Often times celebrities are private when it comes to their relationships and it is really hard for us to know what really happened and why things have ended up for them. But there are times that celebrities will reveal the story later on after so many years have passed and most of the time these things are always viral. Just like what really happened with the phenomenal singer, Mark Bautista. He's been making a buzz all over the social media after people have heard that story that he wrote in his book. They were all surprised and they are now talking about it all over social media.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "Viral Pilipinas" featured the phenomenal singer and actor, Mark Bautista. We all know that the actor is really popular all over the country because of his amazing skills in acting, his charismatic attitude, and as well as his incredible good looks.

He did quite well on many projects and advertisements and many people have followed him both online and as well as in real life. With all these in mind, the actor has a huge audience and fan base and they are always waiting for his updates to the many projects that he has.

But recently, the actor is making a buzz on social media after people have heard that he revealed in his book a certain kind of relationship with another male friend. The part of the book is entitled "Friendshift" it talks about how Mark and his one male friend had a "bromance" together.

But then came a time that they become intimate with each other for about two times so they decided not to do this again. Then years have passed, he saw his friend partying in the same club he is in. During that time his male friend had a girlfriend and he tried his best not to see him or be close to him in the club.

They got so drunk that night and the girlfriend of his male friend already went home. The two of them went home together and in the house of his male friend, they got intimate again. The next morning, the girlfriend of his male friend learned about what happened and it sparked a huge drama between the three of them. 

People were shocked by Mark Bautista's revelation and they were all giving their comments and speculation on what he has shared. Many people are now linking this story to a very popular actor and his girlfriend that years ago had broken up because of Mark.

The video report went massive on social media and many people are now giving their thoughts on the matter. Some of them were all guessing who the male friend is while some are proud of Mark in sharing his story.

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