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Maymay Entrata Different Disney Princess Transformations In Recent Magazine Shoot Amazed Many On Social Media.

Maymay Entrata’s Transformation Makes You Want to Transform As Well!

We all go through changes in life. We've all wasted afternoons going through old pictures of ourselves, reminiscing about the past and laughing at outdated clothes and hairstyles. The same is true for Maymay Entrata. You've seen it on the news and on the web, celebrities changing their looks in what seems like weeks and months. How can they change so quickly while it takes the rest of us years to get a perfect look?

Whenever she’s not in a serious scene in front of the camera, you can be sure that Kapamilya actress Maymay Entrata quickly reverts to her true self by making goofy facial expressions. Because of her undeniable charisma, her followers are used to seeing the 20-year-old actress on her usual quirky and bubbly appearance. This is why many people were taken aback after seeing her fierce photos!

There is no doubt about it, celebrities are a tool for the media. They are nameless faces, “average Jane Doe” if you will, which have been put up on a pedestal and used for various roles and agendas. They are basically a living breathing advertisement for whatever brand wants to sponsor them. That being said, style is a huge market. 

The majority of people have become fashionista, stylists and some are even desperate to follow vicariously through celebrity lives. This has opened the doors to a new kind of styling enthusiast…the kind that does major transformation or changes their look, and wants to be extremely fabulous!

That’s where celebrity transformations, styling, fashion advice, etc. come into play. All they have to do is take an average Jane, because that’s essentially what the average celebrity is, and transform them into a mixture of style, fashion & makeup. Then they print out a nice little article telling you about how “so-and-so” transformed their look IN JUST ONE SNAP!

The former “Pinoy Big Brother” winner was all dolled up in preparation for her photo shoot for a prestigious fashion magazine. While shooting amidst a white, snowy background, Maymay Entrata’s beauty stood out as she donned a classy blood-red jumpsuit.

Tassel earrings are also back on trend which is why her stylist used this as a focal point for Maymay’s eye-catching outfit. To soften the features of her face, her hair was tied in a ponytail while keeping her fringe bangs down. On Instagram, even Mega Magazine couldn’t help but notice the young actress’ massive transformation:

“We almost didn't recognize Maymay Entrata as she goes high fashion for her Mega magazine pictorial abroad. We can’t wait to see more!” It seems like Maymay’s weeks of preparation really paid off! Way back in December last year, the 20-year-old actress expressed her delight after being chosen as a model for the Mega magazine. This is the first time that Maymay will fly abroad to shoot for a prestigious magazine.

A post shared by May May Entrata (@maymay) on

A post shared by May May Entrata (@maymay) on

A post shared by May May Entrata (@maymay) on

A post shared by May May Entrata (@maymay) on

“Sobrang saya ko talaga. Para sa akin Making Mega ‘yung pinaka malaking shoot sa magazines. Kasi sa amin sa probinsya, mahilig talaga sa mga fashion magazines. Mahilig tumingin sa mga models. Nakikita ko lang dati sa magazines ‘yung Making MEGA na sa ibang bansa sila nag shoo-shoot. Kaya ngayon na sinabi na mapapabilang ako sa listahan ng Making MEGA cover stars, oh my god, grabe na talaga ‘to! Todo-todo na ‘to. Ang swerte ko po! Mararanasan ko makapunta sa ibang bansa.”

What can you say about Maymay Entrata’s unbelievable transformation? Do you like her new look better? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! For more updates on the latest happenings, feel free to follow us on Facebook.

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