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This woman is considered the most beautiful volleyball player in the world.

This woman is considered the most beautiful volleyball player in the world.

There are a lot of gorgeous female volleyball players that are just as good on the sand in courts and volleyball matches as they are on the eyes. These attractive female volleyball players are in top physical condition and it shows as they compete in little more than theirs. Be it in preparation for the 2018 Olympics or at events around the world, these ladies are easily some of the alluring female athletes of all time. These skilled, hot volleyball players not only look good jumping around in the sand but make excellent subjects for hot bikini pictures as they play their game.

Many of the sexiest female beach volleyball players in the world are also some of the best in the sport. Whether these gorgeous, amazing volleyball players, are women sweating it out in next to nothing on the sand beach volleyball courts or accepting Olympic medals, all of them are looking stunning as they do so. These women are the reason why volleyball is perhaps the female sport with the gorgeous athletes. But one of them tops them all.

Alisa Manyonok is the beautiful volleyball player has been working for a modelling agency. recently, she won 1st place in the international beauty contest “Supermodel International – 2016”, and awarded the title of “Photogenic”. Alisa Manyonok is a volleyball athlete Russian player with a beautiful face like a Barbie doll.

She is also a student majoring in Public Relations, besides actively playing volleyball, also in the world of modelling. The girl who was familiarly called Alice recorded wins 2013 Miss Primorye and follow Russia Top Model 2015. He also represented the city of Moscow in the Miss Russia 2014 ago. Individual Sabina recent International Supermodel pageant held in Thailand.

She was 21 years old born 5 April 1995 birth to Mother Skiba Sasha. Alice is fairly independent. Since the age of 14, she moved from one city to another in Russia. Until finally she has joined the volleyball team, Primorochka. She is now making rounds in the social media because of her beauty and skills in volleyball.

Users from all over the world have wondered — who is this girl? It turned out that the tall beautiful girl (height 182 cm) — not just a volleyball player, but also a participant of many beauty contests from Russia. 

You can watch the video below:

Alice was born in Vladivostok Twenty-year-old girl studying at Kazan University. Alisa’s athlete genes run through her blood, as her parents are also athletes. Her mom used to be a member of a basketball team while her dad is a two-time European swimming champion and a member of the Junior National Team of Russia.

Having a Barbie-like feature makes her a regular in beauty pageants in Russia. She always participates in a lot of contests when it comes to beauty contests. With her looks, she definitely has the right to be part of any beauty contest. 

Source noted that apart from the Miss Russia Body title, she also won the 2013 Miss Primorye Beauty Contest. In 2016, she also represented Russia in the Supermodel International in New Delhi, India and won first place. Isn’t she just unstoppable? She’s not just a volleyball player with looks; she’s also a supermodel who can strut her stuff.

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