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Meet The Beautiful And Stunning Gibbs Girls, Chi and Gab!

Meet The Beautiful And Stunning Gibbs Girls, Chi and Gab!

Forget spending thousands on plastic surgery or hitting all of the right Instagram angles in order to transform yourself into the hottest stars, because sometimes, it's all down to genetics. And there's no denying that the best celebrity like kids is the ones who look like their famous parents. Whether the stars' offspring are still children or have grown up to be full-fledged adults, one thing's for sure: Genetics is cray, and seeing double, miniature versions of celebs we know and love is kind of a trippy experience. 

Do you know that couples Janno Gibbs and Bing Loyzaga are blessed with two beautiful daughters? Between the couple’s insanely good looks and impeccable talent, their two daughters, Alyssa and Gabriella, have clearly hit the genetic jackpot. To be honest, we've always thought that one of the coolest things about being a parent is seeing your own DNA passed down to the next generation, a piece of you that will forever live on down the family line.

 When you can see yourself in your child — your own facial expressions, your own mannerisms, your own eyes or hair or smile — it has to be like looking into some futuristic, funhouse mirror. And when this happens in showbiz — a place ruled by a celebrity-obsessed culture that allows people's faces to be so ingrained in our minds — there's no doubt that the double phenomenon is even crazier, because now the entire adoring public can freak out together at the wonder of genetics together. Biology, are we right?

The sisters go by the cute nicknames Chi and Gab. Chi has a Psychology degree while Gab is currently taking up Graphic Design. The good-looking sisters also share the same passion for art. Chi finds delight in painting and is currently working on her fashion label Neon Island, which is “committed to celebrating the local.” Gab, on the other hand, is a digital influencer and an astounding make-up artist. In fact, this gal is a L’Oréal Philippines Ambassador.

The Gibbs girls also have their own fashion and beauty Youtube channel aptly named “The Gibbs Guide.” This channel is dedicated for gals who find pleasure in everything chic and pretty. But sorry guys, Chi is already taken and in fact, is ready to tie the knot with her long-time boyfriend, Anton Cruz! On August 2017, Anton surprised Chi with a proposal while they were at her favorite spot in Sydney, Australia.

Chi explained why the place is so important to her: “I was born in the area and it’s a place I always visited growing up. On his first Australian visit a couple of years ago, I brought him to this spot so he knows it’s special to me.”

Janno Gibbs took notice of his daughter’s post and he commented in jest: “WTF!?… Haha Just kidding! Congrats chiiloyzagagibbs and antoncruz. Anton surprised her with a proposal on her favorite spot in Sydney. Anto had asked mine and Bing’s blessings way before our trip. Even his whole family came to Australia for this! With Chi having no clue whatsoever!”

Meanwhile, proud mother Bing left the message: “And now I gain a son. Congratulations chiiloyzagagibbs and antoncruz”

They say while celebrity kids will undoubtedly inherit some of their parent's fortune, they also inherit their good genes. Showbiz is filled with above-average good-looking celebrities, so it's no surprise their offspring are just as blessed in the appearance department.

What are your thoughts on these gorgeous girls? Do you now proclaim yourself as a fan of Chi and Gab? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about them in the comments section below!


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