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Meet The Beautiful Girlfriend Of Arjo Atayde.

Arjo Atayde on the relationship with Sammie Rimando: “I want to keep everything as private as possible.”

When celebrities complain about their love lives, it usually warrants a major eye-roll. But when it comes to relationships, we often forget just how lucky we are to have actual privacy. While our favorite stars do get to be in a relationship with anyone they want, they also have to live out the entire experience in the tabloids. Just imagine your crazy dates being broadcast for the world to see.

Juan Carlos Ocampo Atayde, better known as Arjo Atayde is a Filipino actor. He is currently a talent of ABS-CBN Viva Artists Agency and Star Magic. He replaced Carlos Agassi as playing the antagonist roles in TV Series. He is most recently known for portraying the antagonist Joaquin Tuazon, the son of the rich businessman in the ABS-CBN primetime series, Ang Probinsyano and portrayed by Francisco "Paco" Alipio in television drama series Hanggang Saan. 

Arjo Atayde’s undeniable charm and on-screen chemistry with young actress Sue Ramirez have brought him to his current position in show business, aside from his brilliant performance as an actor. But behind the big name in the entertainment scene and the growing fan base of him and Sue’s pairing is his long-term romance with GirlTrends member Sammie Rimando.

There aren’t too many details about Arjo and Sammie’s relationship as Arjo already shared in previous interviews that he wants to keep their relationship private.  “As much as possible, I want to keep it personal, sorry.” - Arjo.

In an interview, Arjo still evaded the topic but shared that he’s happy nonetheless. “I want to keep everything as private as possible but I’m happy. I’m happy now.” - Arjo.

As for the actor’s mom, veteran actress and his “Hanggang Saan” co-star Sylvia Sanchez, Arjo shared that she does not meddle in his private love affair. Instead, he said that his mom, more than anything else, wants a girl who’s respectful and makes efforts to be close to his family.

He told the press: “Honestly speaking, each and every mom wants that for their kid, yung marespetong babae and everything else—mabait, kindhearted, ma-reach out sa mga tao, sa pamilya—I think that’s common sense. You have to get a girl who’s really intact with your family. Because, at the end of the day, it’s you guys together.” - Sylvia

When asked if he’s ready to settle down, Arjo said that his current priority is his career.

A post shared by Sammie 🦋 (@samrimando) on

A post shared by Sammie 🦋 (@samrimando) on

“When you talk about marriage, it’s really not my thing. It will come in years’ time. I have a long way to go. I have dreams to reach. I have people to meet. I have places to go. And I’m not gonna stop my career because of marriage. But I’m happy with whatever I have right now, with each and every blessing.” - Arjo.

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