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Meet "Kim Mellibovsky" Israel's most beautiful soldier.

Meet "Kim Mellibovsky" Israel's most beautiful soldier.

Is there anything cooler than a female soldier? Ladies, that is tougher and braver than you could ever possibly imagine? Well, if there is anything better than a group of wonderful female soldiers, point me in that direction because I'll have to see it to believe it. Not only are they out there on the front lines defending their countries, they're out there making it look good. 

An Instagram account where these beautiful Israeli soldiers show off their snaps has attracted tens of thousands of followers.  All Jewish Israeli citizens are required to complete national service at the age of 18 – including girls, who must serve a minimum of two years in the armed forces.

But although they have to deal with heavy weaponry and gruelling training, the girls are not afraid to show off their fun, playful side, posting alluring snaps of them sunning themselves in a swimsuit.

Pictures of the women, mostly in their late teens and early twenties, posing in their military uniform are juxtaposed with their swimwear pictures on the Instagram page dedicated to attractive female Israeli soldiers. The Beautiful Israeli Army Girls page already has more than 34,500 followers and features pictures of more than 2,000 different stunning soldiers.

Well, from other people’s point of view if these girls participate in any beauty contest obviously these can easily win any beauty contest but on the other hand, these military girls seem absolutely ready to protect their respective countries. Just take a look at all pictures of female soldiers and discuss! which country’s military has most beautiful and brave girls?

Instagram account where the young camouflage-clad ladies demonstrate their beauty has already attracted tens of thousands of followers. Military service in Israel is mandatory both for men and women, men serve three years, while women serve two. 

These young women like Kim Mellibovsky who isn’t camera shy and have taken to Instagram to demonstrate that a military uniform and an M-16 over your shoulder can look dangerously. Not all women wear pearled jewellery and heels when earning bread for their families, some wear safety shoes and combating bullet-proof jackets but still, their looks are jaw-dropping one such example that you can also see in the image below. Lol.

In various countries in the world, the Armed Forces are dominated by the menfolk, however, women have their own place in this field as well. Over the past 400 years, women have been found in large numbers in the military. They have played many roles from ancient warrior women to the women currently serving in conflicts and resolving disputes. 

Although these women are physically endowed and beautiful like all other women, they have been trained to be strong-willed, tactful and skilled to handle their job properly, unlike their counterparts in pageants who are all beauties and no strength.

In the Philippines, young girls are considered often for the recruit as they tend to be more vibrant. While for Israel it is the only nation to conscript women and assigns some of them to infantry combatant service which places them directly in the line of enemy fire. All Israelis are forced to carry out national service when they turn 18 – meaning the nation’s military is packed with female recruits.

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