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Meet "Mari-Chu" The Woman Known As The Legendary Baby Face Of Japan.

Meet Mari-Chu, The Woman Known As The Legendary Baby Face Of Japan.

As a woman, one of the major fears in life that you will have is to grow old. This is not to say that you do not want to grow up or grow as a person, rather, women, in general, dread the thought of ageing because they do not want to look old. Ever.

There are a lot of ways that are said to be effective enough to preserve youth. You can go form daily rituals at home such as applying sunscreen – the sun can hurt your skin more than you’ll ever know. If you want to prevent having unwanted lines and wrinkles (just the thought makes women cringe already, moisturizing to make sure that the skin stays hydrated, using oil essences because they are like vitamins being fed to your skin, so mostly, if you want to look fresh and young, best is to take good care of your skin. Some women go the extra mile too and pay regular visits to the derma, and get treatments done such as face-lifts, Botox, just to name a few. To look youthful isn’t achieved without work, as most women would say.

However, there are the lucky ones who are naturally blessed with great genes. While others have to work hard for that glow, some girls don’t have to lift a finger to look flawless.

Such is the case for this beautiful girl who is tagged in Japan as the “legendary baby face”. 

One glance at Nagasawa Marin, who is more famously known as Mari-Chiu, and you would think that this girl is in her early teens. But if you look closer, you would see that she has a full-grown body, with curves and all. That is because she is already 22 years-old but with a face of a seemingly 12-year-old. You can only imagine how she would look like when she’s 30 years-old, she would probably look 21! How amazing is that!

What’s great about her is that she seems to be very comfortable in her body. You can see from her public posts that she definitely looks very confident, flashing herself in swimsuits and other mature outfits. Many people, men and women alike, are astonished by how fresh she seems to look. For sure, a lot of girls are wondering what her secret is to looking that young!

There is no denying that her face looks like that of a pre-teen even her body suggests otherwise, as she looks already mature figure-wise. But it’s still surprising how she can look like a teenager.

Many say that another sure way to always be glowing is to be happy. They say that there is nothing to make you blooming and radiant as being happy does. Stress and worry will only make you look old, but if you smile more often, you’re not only sharing positive vibes and energy to others, but your own sparkle will not wear out.

So what is her secret? We’re sure you all want to find out.

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