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Do you remember the PBB Ex-Housemate Tin Patrimonio? This is her life now!

Do you remember the PBB Ex-Housemate Tin Patrimonio? This is her life now!

There are a lot of things happening that celebrities are embracing every day. From the busy schedules that they need to joggle to the criticisms and opinions of everyone seeing them. Yes, celebrities are always handling are somewhat having a hard time when it comes to handling their career especially when it comes to people watching them. We can say that the life of a celebrity is not an easy one and because it is dragging and quite noisy when it comes to people's opinions about them. That is why most celebrities are always private when it comes to their personal matters because they don't want other people criticizing their loved ones as well as their family life.

And for that very reason, many celebrities choose to settle down and live a peaceful life with their families and chose to leave the hustle and bustle of showbiz. Yes, there are many of them and have you ever wonder what happened to them after leaving showbiz? We all probably share the same curiosity and that is why fans always look up to their favorite celebrities even though they left showbiz just to be updated when it comes to their personal lives. Just like what happened with the former PBB Housemate, Tin Patrimonio. She's  been making a buzz after people saw what she's been doing now with her life after PBB.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "Artista Updates" featured the former PBB Housemate and actress, Tin Patrimonio. We all know that she is one of the popular housemates during the Pinoy Big Brother Series and has built a huge fan base all over the country.

Tin Patrimonio is a beautiful woman and a great tennis player. She is also admired by many because of her talents in acting and as well as her lovable charm. Ever since then people have noticed her talents, skills, and beauty. She was given different projects and advertisements and rose to fame immediately.

Though now the actress was seldom being seen on the big screen, fans were all wondering and all were asking where is she now and what is she doing with her life?

Now, all of those questions will be answered after what the video was brought on social media. In the video, you will see the wonderful story and life of the actress. After a while, it has been said that the actress focused on studying and playing tennis for National University.

She leads the school into becoming 3-year champions and was really dedicated to playing tennis. We can remember that the actress was the daughter of the basketball superstar Alvin Patrimonio and being athletic really runs in the blood.

During her college days, the actress also landed some showbiz stints like she was part of the movies, Kimmy Dora, Dalaw, and Temple of Kiyeme. She also played the role of Gabriela Silang in an indie film which is also huge experience for her.

The actress is also happy with her love life and she is still together with her longtime boyfriend Kyle Dandan. The video immediately gained the attention of many people on social media and they were all missing the actress and have wished her the best in the path she is going through,

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