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Nagulat Ang Mga Netizens Ng Sumagot Si Sharon Cuneta Sa FB Thread Tungkol Sa Kanyang Mga Ex.

After all these years, the magic between Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion is still real. We really can feel it. They still have the sparks and the chemistry. It is like seeing them the first time again. In time for its Valentine's Day campaign, fast food giant McDonald's just dropped a major "kilig" commercial featuring the classic '80s love the team.

The ex-couple reunite in a short video aptly titled, Kumusta Ka. Sharon, 52, and Gabby, 53, show undeniable chemistry on-screen and are backed by a heart-tugging modern version of the Rey Valera classic song of the same title. They are so cute together. The love team has been the best love team of all time in Philippine Showbiz Industry.

In their young age, the ShaGab love team rose to stardom with their first project together, Dear Heart. This successful movie was followed by P.S I Love You and My Only Love. They also did Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin and starred in many other box-office hits.

Soon enough, their love team turned real when they married months after Sharon turned 18. Sharon got pregnant with their daughter, KC Concepcion. The two annulled in 1993, and have been leading separate happy lives with Sharon getting married to Senator Kiko Pangilinan. They have two daughters, Frankie and Miel, and an adopted son, Miguel.

Fans are quick to respond that their favorite loveteam way back are again together for the fast foods latest TVC. Earlier this week, McDonald’s released Sharon and Gabby’s official TVC. It was McDonald’s TVC for valentines day. They really did a good job in choosing the right timing. Both Sharon and Gabby looks good in the commercial. A lot of fans are now “kilig”, even their families are also “kilig” while watching them together.

People never expected for this reunion to happen but it did, and a lot are very happy about it! Even Sharon’s current husband is supportive of this project. When asked if Kiko didn’t get jealous about this reunion, Sharon said that Kiko is even supportive.

In 2016, it was announced that Sharon and Gabby were set to reunite in a film project, but it got canceled. The last time the two appeared in a project together was in 1992 for the movie Tayong Dalawa. For what reasons for the cancellation of the movie, we don’t know. As to what’s next to the both of them? We hope they continue their friendship and make a lot of fans happy to their upcoming projects together! We are all happy that they are happy.

But wait, there's more due to this, a person on FB researched and looked for proof when it comes to Sharon's love life. Here is her post.

(please look for the account of Krizette Laureta Chu)

To her shock, Sharon Cuneta replied to her posts with her 2 accounts, her private account - Sharon Cuneta and her personal account for her families and friends - April Mondragon. Check out her replies!

It’s amazing that she is so nice to give comments regarding her personal life. Way to go Sharon! We are still a #ShaGab fan, all the way!

Source: Instagram, CNN


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