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Fresh Graduate Shares Hilarious Resume That He Used For Job Hunting.

Fresh Graduate Shares Hilarious Resume That He Used For Job Hunting.

When you are a fresh graduate from college, one of the hardest things to do is your first resume. Yes, because you are inexperienced in the corporate world and you do not know what to do at times, you often commit mistakes on your resume and end up not being accepted in the jobs their applying for. This is a common thing to experience for any fresh graduates out there, that is why most of the time we often would ask our elders to give us advice in looking for a job and make the best resume there is.

But sometimes we see this kind of post wherein there are a lot of funny fails when it comes to their resume. People can really relate to these things and find them really hilarious because who won't, almost every one of us made some mistake like these but not to the level that they're at. Just like this man who is now going viral all over social media. He's been making a buzz all over after people saw the resume he made in the past. Apparently, many people really find it hilarious to the point that they are sharing it on social media.

A Facebook story is now going viral all over social media after a page shared a photo of the resume of a certain social media user named "John Bejer". We all know that applying for a job requires the tedious task of completing a great resume which will catch the attention of the company you want to work for.

So we try our best to put all our achievements and to make our resumes as creative as possible. But there are times that people are making fun of other especially when it comes to the epic fail mistakes that they made in making the resume.

Apparently, this guy is one of the hilarious resumes you'll ever see and he is now the topic of many people on social media. You can see in the resume a weird kind of objectives in applying. He stated, "Ang nais ko ay maranasan ang umibig at masuklian din ng pagibig." 

The objective he put speaks for his true purpose in the work he wants to be in and many people find it really hilarious. He continued in every aspect the "hugot lines" and the "pickup lines" for every aspect of the resume whether it was educational background or work experience this man doesn't stop to amuse the people on the internet.

The post immediately gained the attention of many netizens and they are now talking about it online. They were all lauding the man for doing a splendid job on his resume and he is definitely landing a job soon. Others have mocked and ridiculed him saying that no company will ever take him seriously even if the resume was really fun and hilarious.

The post went viral on social media and he became an instant sensation on the internet. People are now idolizing him especially to the punch lines that he delivered. Many people find the resume hilarious but for others, it is just for fun and companies will not tolerate such stunts.

The guy went so massive in fact that many people, pages, and channels are now sharing his post all over social media.

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