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Passenger Couldn't Believe That This Inspiring Uber Driver Can Do Something Like This While Driving.

Uber Driver Takes Multi-tasking To The Next Level.

The life of a service car Driver is not so easy and full of responsibilities and dangers. This is a type of working job where the leftover sales are yours to keep your daily income. For example, in Manila, there are around three million service car units (more or less) roaming around the street and corners just to seek possible passengers. You must have to seek passengers in order to live and to pay for company boundary fee of 800 Philippine pesos.

In the Philippines, drivers are often mislabeled because of the bad behavior of other drivers. There had been drivers who harassed their passengers verbally, and even harmful actions, to the point that a lot of people are thinking that drivers are no good. However, there are still some drivers out there who wished for nothing but the safety of their passengers and should be considered as role models. Take the story of this hardworking Uber driver for example.

Hardworking individuals are always on the move — and that doesn’t always mean physically. These types of individuals are always thinking and always trying to position themselves in the right places so that they don’t miss opportunities. Being in the right place at the right time may seem lucky to most. But remember that every decision a person makes up until that point is a choice.

A Facebook user named Kier Roman recalled how he was inspired by how his Uber driver gave a whole new meaning to the term ‘Meals on Wheels’. According to Kier, his Uber driver Teofisto Torres arrived 12 minutes late, and since he just came from church, he chose to ignore it. When they reached Marcos Highway, the traffic was moving but at a slow pace. After a few moments, Kier was surprised when the Uber driver suddenly grabbed a plastic with food. Ever wondered what the driver was doing?

Well, Kuya Teofisto took advantage of every stop to get a grab of his meal, while apologizing to his passenger, claiming that he’s really hungry. Kier then told the Uber driver to just take a quick break, but then, Kuya Teofisto said that he’s fine since another passenger is already waiting for him. Moreover, the driver emphasized that his passengers are his priority even if it means having quick meals.

Hardworking individuals will never give up, even when times are tough. When in search of success (whatever that may be for you), there is no doubt you will approach some hurdles along the way. But it’s how you respond to them that defines your future success. Hardworking individuals will never say, ‘I’m so unlucky’. Instead, they accept that problems are part of the process and swiftly move on so they don’t miss the next opportunity, which is just around the corner.

Due to what he witnessed, Kier called out on other riders out there to be patient in waiting for their drivers to arrive since they have no idea what they are actually experiencing. The video that was posted on Facebook has already garnered a total of 1.6 million views from the people.

As expected, the people were in awe, after they witnessed the unwavering commitment of Kuya Teofisto to his job.

For Kuya Teofisto, As a hardworking individual, he showed up, not just on time but he showed up and made the most of it. There will be some days that you are tired or don’t feel up to it but you will still need to give 100%.

What people forget to realize is that your 100% will change, but as long as you give your 100% for that day, then any external factors won’t matter because you have done everything you possibly could.

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