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Photos of man and woman who looked like a happy couple but the truth with their relationship will break your heart.

A friendzone story that will surely break your heart!

Most guys know the feeling of being friend zoned. It's a sad and painful experience, but you'll recover. Not so long ago, we called it friendship between boy and girl. Sometimes it happens that either the girl or the boy in that friendship develops feelings for his/her friend. It makes things complicated, but why friend zone?

It seems nowadays that if a guy develops a relationship with a girl where she only wants a friendship, suddenly she is the cruel one that put this poor guy, just out looking for love, in the darkness of the friend zone. And not stopping there, it now seems that in every single friendship between a boy and a girl, the boy must be in the friend zone. It is the only explanation for why they are not sleeping together.

This does in many ways not make sense to us. First, why is it that we feel so sorry for this guy? What is it that makes us want to yell at this girl for not realizing that this guy totally has the hots for her? We just don’t know, but the truth is that it is never going to happen!

So there is a story that is going viral online. The photos were uploaded via Instagram stories. As you can see, the photo started years ago, as they were still classmates. The photos were arranged for years and they also changed through the years. As people scroll the photos, a lot of them praised the couple for a long happy relationship. But what we don’t know was that they were only friends.

For those who don't know the term, "the friend zone" refers to a situation where one individual in a friendship develops more intense feelings and wants to become "more than friends" with the other person. More often than not, the other person is unaware of the friend's desires and quite happy in the friendship-only arrangement. As a result, the person is "stuck" in the "friend zone", unable to transition from just friend to girlfriend or boyfriend.

Being stuck in a friendship and wanting more can be a frustrating position. Sometimes this frustration is sexually-motivated, with one friend desiring a physical relationship with the other. On other occasions, the friends are already sexually involved (i.e. friends-with-benefits), but there is a motivation to transition into a "relationship" as a committed girlfriend or boyfriend. In other instances, both motivations play a role. Nevertheless, in any case, wanting more than you are currently getting is a heart-wrenching situation. The "friend zone" is not an easy place to live.

Back to the story of the couple, the man was far from being her lover because he was just her best friend. You can see in the last photo it shows there that on the woman’s wedding photo. Her best friend is standing beside her.

We still have no confirmations or comments from the people involved but there’s a person who claimed that the photos were originally posted by an Indonesian user. His word was: “kenapa dia pergi? It’s fun to be happy with Allah supaya. Supaya. That untuk, and that’s why he is gone because I always ask Allah to give me the best girl for me.” and at the end, the author’s last words were: “There’s always a rainbow after the storm (in the Indonesian language).”

It is possible to dig out of an uneven, "friend zone" exchange, with a little persuasion and influence. Go for what you want in a relationship and don't settle for less. Just remember to focus on your own worth, don't be desperate, and be willing to walk away. Allow some space for the other person to miss you. Make some friends outside of that friendship and create a little competition too. Finally, let that friend invest in you and reward them for it. If they truly value you in their life, then they will be much more likely to take the relationship to the next level. If they don't, you already have some new friends, your self-respect, and one foot out the door.

We hope you had fun reading our article. Thank you.

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