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People Think That Ex-Batallion Is Starting To Meet Their End.

People Think That Ex-Batallion Is Starting To Meet Their End.

It is common for bands to have an awesome start and ends up in being disbanded. While their popularity is really high and they have a lot of opportunities, bands are also a group of people with individual goals. Sometimes these individual goals can lead to disagreement and arguments among the group because each person holds a different kind of perspective. That is why a lot of great bands in the world ended up disbanded and go their separate ways in earning in their careers.

Some can do it solo while others go and join up with another group so that they can perform very and others just quit the career and start a new one. This is common to many bands out there especially those who are really famous and as fans and supporters, this is a sad story to hear. Just like what recently happened with the phenomenal rap group called Ex-Battalion. They have been making a buzz all over social media and people are now talking about them being disbanded soon.

If you are a Filipino, there is no way you cannot recognize the rap group called Ex-Battalion. It is one of the most popular rap group now because of their famous song called "Hayaan Mo Sila". Their song is as if the national anthem of the country for it was being played everywhere.

But amidst the popularity of the rap group, it also comes with a lot of challenge and right now people have heard a sad news about the group and they are now talking about it on social media. Apparently, the group is making a buzz on social media after people have heard that one of its members chose a separate path.

The singer named JRoa signed a contract with Viva Artist Agency which means that he likes to take the path in the music industry on solo mode. This has lead to the many speculations of the fans about the rap group.

People are now giving their thoughts on the video report and they have been giving their comments and sentiments on JRoa. They were all worried about the Ex-Battalion group and wonder why the singer would do that to them.

Also, the group is being talked about by many people because they are seeing that this move of JRoa may lead to the downfall the group and it may end up being disbanded. This is the reason why others are saying that Ex-B is already disbanded because one person in the group already showed his intentions.

Though their leader, Mark Maglasang was also known as "Bhosx1ne" gave a statement saying that Ex Battalion group is made up of many members from different groups and it is normal to see people coming in and going away for they formed a battalion out of the groups and discipline that they are in.

The video report about it is now going viral all social media and they are now giving their comments and sentiments on the group. They were all wishing them well with their career and many are saddened by this news.

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Source: ABS-CBN | Viva


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