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Claudine Barreto Got Emotional After Meeting Raymart Santiago In One Event Of Their Daughter.

Claudine Barreto Got Emotional After Meeting Raymart Santiago In One Event Of Their Daughter.

There are a lot of events and happenings in our life wherein we could really felt emotional and deeply moved by it. May it be because of other people’s story or even the story of your own life. We could be moved by the story that we had watched in our televisions, the story that we had read on the news or even on the internet, and the things that had happened in our lives. We mostly feel emotional when we had been with our family in a very intimate event that we had shared with them. It could be a very simple event as long as you share it with them.

We also feel moved by the stages in our lives starting from birthdays, graduations, weddings and a lot more. Nothing could be better than being with your family as you celebrate this kind of events, especially if you are already a parent. Nothing could make you feel better upon seeing your kid growing up, that you even documented your kid's first steps, first words, first birthday, graduations, and even their wedding if you are lucky enough to be alive by that time to see and to be part of those special events in their life.

It is very important for a kid to have both of their parents to be with them at a special event in their life just like the crossover ceremony. This may be the reason why Claudine Barreto was very emotional upon seeing Raymart Santiago in the crossover celebration of their eldest, Sabina.

Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago decided to end up their relationship because of their differences in life. They started when Claudine was still mourning from the demise of her ex-lover, Rico Yan. On a lifestyle program, she revealed how she felt when Raymart came into her life.

"I was so broken, I was so sad. Namatayan ako tapos there's somebody who is there na parang knight in shining armor. Parang I played safe," she said. They then married two years after the demise of her ex in Isabela on the year 2004.

She shared why their relationship failed because she was not really prepared for it. They had gone through a lot because of their differences and they decided to go through counseling to make sure that they could settle down the rift between them. Then they choose to continue being friends for the sake of their kids.

Just this February 1, they proved that they really are on good terms when Raymart attended the crossover ceremony of Sabina in her school. She shared their family photo on her Instagram account and shared how emotional she was upon hearing the dream of Sabina.

She said, "Upon learning that at 13 you might want to study out of the country in a few years gave me panic attacks. At 13 my mama day & pikey wouldn't even allow me to go anywhere without a Yaya or both of them."

She also used the opportunity to thank Sab for being a very good daughter to her. Claudine then reassured Sab that whatever she does, she will always be in her back. She shared that even though they failed to become husband and wife, they did not want to fail as parents to their kids.

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