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Remember “Luningning” From Wowowee? This Is Her Life Now!

Wowowee’s Multitalented Dancer Luningning’s life now!

Wowowee is a Philippine noontime variety show that was broadcast by ABS-CBN. The show premiered on February 5, 2005, and aired live on weekdays and Saturdays. The show was also broadcast worldwide through ABS-CBN's The Filipino Channel. The show officially ended on July 30, 2010, and was replaced by a new variety show, Pilipinas Win Na Win on July 31.

If you are fond of watching Pinoy game shows on television, then you’re probably one of those who used to love Willie Revillame in his show ‘Wowowee’. But then, it’s not just Willie Revillame whom people have loved because there were also lots of people who loved his dancer Luningning, and two other major dancers Milagring (Danna De Castro) and Mariposa (Rovielyn Cabigquez).

Life can be a hard pill to swallow. On a daily basis, we are consumed with regrets, failures, and insecurities that plague our minds and control our actions. We are overwhelmed by situations we cannot change and things we wish we could take back. We experience heartbreak, loss, and fear, along with betrayal, jealousy and bad memories. However, life doesn’t have to be so hard. 

There’s an art to learning to let things go and leaving the worries of the past to yesterday. Because in life, we’re all carrying the same load, yet what differentiates us is how we choose to carry it. For Luningning, she continued with her life after her stardom in Wowowee. She managed to be positive in life and move on to a better brighter future.

Lea Carla Santos, or more popularly known as Luningning, was born on November 8, 1984, in Cabuyao, Laguna. She rose to fame after she showed off her skills and stunning looks in Willie Revillame’s noontime show.’ Her passion for dancing started to show at the age of 4. She then continued to pursue it throughout grade school and high school years. What sealed her career is her dancing experience in Japan.

However, after years of working in Japan, she decided to return to the Philippines to enlist herself in the ASF Dancers, the group that performs in Wowowee. According to a previous interview, Lea claims that it was Direk Bobot Mortiz who gave her the screen name Luningning, for a catchier title. Her career didn’t just end at the noontime show. In fact, Luningning also landed a spot in FHM Philippines and Maxim Magazine in 2008. After a decade, where is she now?

As you take a quick stroll on her Instagram account, you’d be able to see that this dancer is now the owner and the innovative director of her startup business called ‘Stardanz Fitness Studio’. Featured in the studio are the different types of workout like Pilates, Belly Dance, Kali, Pole, Aerial Silk, Hoops, and many more.

Apart from that, there was also one video wherein she was somehow pulling off great dance moves inside what seems like a bar! For more updates on her life, you can follow her social media account with the handle ‘luningning21’.

Those who go through life with a seemingly unaffected attitude are the people who understand the angles of life and the differences between what can be changed and what cannot. In understanding those differences, they are able to move on and enjoy life as it’s presented, just like what Luningning did to herself. You shouldn't be choking on life. All you need is water, a good mindset and an understanding of the things that can be changed and the things that must be accepted.

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